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Who's the Walrus? Is it you?

So, meme that's making the rounds: what icon of mine do you think is most me? I'm curious. I want to know.

Also, and this is totally sad, but I started that Soundtrack of My Life meme that timian has and it was suddenly too complicated and I was like 'screw it.' Dear God, I'm a lazy girl.

Notes on Tru Calling - Eliza Dushku? Still sexy, but still Faith in my head. fox1013 is totally right when she says that they should change the show and make it "Faith the Vampire Slayer" and have it be about Faith, killing things and having sex. Perhaps simultaneously. They go all Geore Lucas on the scene swipes, and it kind of weirds me out sometimes. Also, Tru's sister? Has menacing eyebrows and more eye make up than Tammy Faye Bakker with a hang over.

Oh, today, today, today. I swear the day took amphetamines before I woke up or something. Like, for serous. Because it's been this hectic swirl of manic frantic...hecticness. From one to about eight or so, I was in constant motion. And my siblings ate all the pizza without leaving any for me so I had to make myself a pb&j using the dreaded grape jelly. *hates on all things grape flavored* And yet, despite anxiety/crazyness/grape tragedy, it's been decent. Maybe it's because I'm teasing rageprufrock about mutant glowing fish and maniacal mockingbirds that tried to kill me when I was a child. (It's true.)

And my itunes is dead. This is definitely less than cool. Must. Have. Music. Back.

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