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In which I am rec-tastic.

So, being totally bored, as I find myself (why are people not dancing like monkies for my entertainment? why? *laughs*), I've decided to post a ridiculous amount of reccage that you can probably find all over the place, but you know what? I'm going to do it anyway, so there. *sticks out tongue*

1) Okay, you guys know that Sam/Frodo has been my OTP since I was five -- literally -- right? My dad read the books out loud to me, and really, a life long obsession with all things Tolkein was born. I think The Hobbit was one of the very first books I read alone. I remember quite clearly that it was taken away from me in my first grade reading class, because I wasn't paying attention to something like the damned number line. But I've always been all about the Same/Frodo love. I mean, I just assumed that with hobbits boys and boys got married; after all, they were a different species in a different world and well...they love each other. And so do Merry and Pippin. So I had no reason to think otherwise (and objectively speaking, I don't *really* have much more evidience to the contrary *now* either) and I just decided that was true. I was like nine when someone tried to disabuse me of the notion.

SO. Yes. That was a long winded way of getting to my point, and my point is that I have reccs for hobbit love and if you have love for hobbit love then you should drop what you're doing, and go read these things:

Anything by Lobelia Sackville-Baggins. No, seriously. Go here and devour it all. In particular, Rain and The Code of the Brandybucks will just make you the happiest person ever.

The Code of the Brandybucks will make you *howl* with laughter. I mean, really just...howl and cry and point and laugh, and fall in love with Frodo all over again. Because she's got him. She's got him *just right*. Frodo is not a wilting flower. He's not some ethereal saint without any kind of desires whatsoever. He's a funny, difficult, absent minded, trouble attracting lovely and wonderful guy. Now, mind you, this is WiP. The updates aren't rapid, but then again, I can way relate. *whistles and doesn't look at anything labeled ADS* At any rate, it's worth reading up to this point, becuase, dude? it's just that good.

So, Rain. It's hot, it's achey, it's fucking gorgeous. You feel Sam being pulled apart as he tries to find his way to where he should be which is, naturally, Frodo's bed. *rowr* And Frodo? Lord, she writes him beautifully. Just go read it now. You must. I insist. This is one of my all time favorite LOTR fics, and I go back and read it every now and then when I need to.

Ahh...pretty hobbits. How I adore thee. *coughs* Is it tacky to mention that I've written LOTR fic? Merry/Pippin (which you can find here) and Sam/Frodo (which you can find here). I'm not really happy with either story -- my writing has sort of grown by leaps and bounds since then, but, you know. It's there, and I'm a big ho for feedback. So *grins* there you are.

2) Ray Kowalski and Benton Fraser have banded together to steal my soul. They may or may not have been utterly succesful. Speranza, also, has stolen my soul. I bow at the altar of her awesome-i-tude (yeah, not a word, I know *makes dissmissive hand gesture*). I totally fangirl this woman hardcore. In that way where I'm so impressed by her that I'm almost *shy* to write her feedback, because she's so funny/cool/smart. *covers face with hands* I'm a lunatic. I know. Anyway, picking a fic of hers to recc? It's like trying to decide which Chippendale dancer has the better abs. I mean, really.

So, here: With 6 You Get Eggroll -- Okay, generally? Kidfics aren't a good idea. I mean, yeah, men! babies! Cute! SV's lucky to have enough talented people to host several really amazing kidfic series (dammitcarl, everyone involved in celli's babysitting 'verse or happyminion's W/C 'verse, I'm looking at you). But a lot of times the appearance of a baby on the scene means that magically one of the men turns into a woman or something. This? Is just amazing. It's parenting!fic that makes you want to hug pretty much everyone involved. Fraser, RayK, RayV, Stella, and all those little kids...*happysigh* Did I mention that I *love* Speranza? 'Cause, yo? I do.

3) So quick note about TS -- the music on that show makes me laugh out loud, and today when I was watching it I misheard Jim yelling Sandburg as Jim yelling "Jolly Bird" and really, I can't in good conscience call Blair anything in my head other than Jolly Bird from here on out. I'm sorry, but it's true. *shakes head at self* I'm silly. I know this.

Hokay. Read Plank by Martha...just...do it. No, really. It's creepy, and it's good, and it's amazing. Martha's just amazing in general. One thing I kind of love about TS fic is the wealth of deeply creepy fic out there. I heart all things that can make me shudder and say 'Damn!' and look over my shoulder, paranoid. Martha's an amazing writer -- she plots like the plottiest damn thing this side of Plotsville.

Awright. I'm going to go back to watching The West Wing, where everyone is lovely, and Sam and Josh make me happy and Toby and CJ just make me dance happily.

*sigh* I really wish I was capable of writing something/anything at all right now. Writing would be nice.

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