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Maybe some day I'll be able to be coherent abotu this, however, right now? Not so much.

Additionally -- I love the LA Confidential start to tonight's Angel.

1. I. Loved. the last scene, although I'm not in love with the fact that it ended with a shot of Lana, because I think that it would have been far more appropriate to end on Clark walking away. But I'll say here that this episode was for Tom Welling what Shattered was for Micheal Rosenbaum, in my opinion, if only on the basis of that last scene -- though I think he did an amazing job throughout the episode. His eyes meeting Lana's and the perfect blank hollowness of his expression? Absolutely amazing.

2. Kristin Kreuk acquitted herself beautifully during this episode in my opinion. Okay, most of the time, I'm a hater, I know. But I think she did her most impressive acting in this episode -- and I really loved all the Lana/Adam interactions. They did it -- they managed to a) interest me in someone's reaction to Lana b) interest me in a Lana het ship and c) have a character who doesn't love Lana and isn't evil. I liked Adam a lot, and I *loved* that it was a rude awakening for both Lana and the audience when Adam was all "Yo, biotch, stop being a princess already, 'kay?" Because we're so used to people saying "LANA LANA LANA" all the time, that we -- at least I was -- were taken aback along with her.

3. Martha. Jesus, Martha. Tough love is when you tell you're kid that if you find them doing crack again, you're going to have to make them move out of the house, not when you continue to bug your son about the girl he has a crush on just so you don't have to talk about his best friend who's in a mental institution and you *know* that he shouldn't be. Also? What's with the cryptic advice she keeps giving out -- okay, so I was with her when she was telling Clark that he has to take care of himself, too (and isn't that always going to be what he needs to remember? My poor isolated darling -- yeah, the love's back), but when she said that thing to Lana about being happy...I know she was speaking English, but I'm not sure I understood them in the configuration she chose.

4. I love how the Kents have adopted the physical posture of 'holding Clark back' when he talks about Lex and Lionel. It's amazing -- Jonathan's hands on his shoulders *keep him from going off* to get Lex, to make the matter even with Lionel (man I was sitting here chanting 'do it, do it, do it' the whole time). I mean, the way it goes from the hug scene directly to Martha and Jonathan's hands holding Clark. And TW in that scene *blew my mind* -- poor Clark. The line that killed me more than anything else was the one about how Clark envies Lex -- he wishes that he could forget. I just seriously wanted to dive into the scene and hug him. It's *such* perfect set up for the Clark/Lex dynamic of the future; no matter what Lex does, Clark is always going to have to take care of him in a weird oblique way because he knows that he's responsible (partially) for Lex's electroshock. Which, by the way, brings me to ...

5. Oh my god. When Clark raised that lever, my jaw dropped open and stayed that way for the rest of the episode. I...he...they...it...*flails* Oh god, and the first thing he says is "Where's Lex?" and Lex is upstairs being deepfried...oh God. It's the most amazingly heartbreaking thing this show has ever done, and they've broken me before (Ryan *glares at tstar78*)...but God. God. God. We all thought, "Okay, he feels responsible because he allows Lex to be taken" or "because he allows Lex to stay there for a while" but....oh, my.

6. To distract from the pain and doom: Chloe's hot. Just throwing that out there. I mean, Christ, woman. And I love seeing her and Clark on the case together -- shades of Clark Kent, investigative reporter. Although, the scene where they confront Dr. Foster was definitely not one of my favorite ones in the episode, the way they walk in and Clark whips out the evidence they have and then Chloe's like "Also, look! Lawsuit!" I loved it. I loved that Clark here was doing what he will in the future -- first he tries to solve problems within the parameters of the law, as a normal human being would. Becuase *first* he's Clark, and *second* he's Superman. It's only when things are truly dire does he resort to using his powers. I loved that.

7. So, JTT, Bobby Drake and that guy from Passions (Kryptofreak brigade in Belle Reve). What the fuck was that all about? Smallville's attempt at being OZ? ...snarktasticness aside, I liked it. I liked the way they turned on one another again and again, but the thing is? I didn't feel like Eric would have done that. I always liked Eric, and I thought that his obsession with Clark was good -- hell, I'd fucking be resentful, too -- but I didn't dig him turning on JTT. (Although, really, was there anyone who didn't want to put him through a metal beam? Had it been in my power, I would have.)

8. Dear Pete, get a new party line. 'Lex is bad!' is getting old, and btw, it already belongs to Bo. Thank you, Nifra

On a more serious note, I liked that Pete expressed resentment. I thought that was very realistic. Granted, resentment is one of the more used emtions in my repetoire, but I'd've been the same way. And to harp on TW doing well, the face he makes when Pete says "You give him too many chances"? Priceless. I can hear him saying "He gives *me* too many chances". Absolutely lovely.

9. I think I've gone as far as I can go without talking about the painful bits. SO I'll start with the Clark/Lex scene at the end...I liked that Lex took Clark's hands in a gesture that echoed the opening scene. MR was amazing -- and I could just hear Lionel saying that explanation over and over and over again. It was something he'd heard many times, and repeated by rote. Also? MR looked hot, and TW looked the right kind of shell shocked and broken. As I said in this post, the real challenge for Clark now is this: how does he react to a Lex that acts as though Clark's been a hero to him? (Though, Clark did try I'm sure that in his head, he's managed to villify himself so completely that he might as well have just fried Lex's brain using his eyegasms.) The hug was simply breath taking. Clark looked...well, he looked *broken*, and Lex kind of snuggling into him was lovely. Although, the little smile that Lex got...it might be just be becuase of the music (Lyra! I can learn!), but at any rate. It made me wonder how much Lex really does remember. Okay, it may have been just happy "I love Clarkness" (becuase God, does he) but then again, it might have been The Hug of Doom(tm) linabean.

Lyra asked a really interestng question as we watched, which was "How far back was his memory wiped?" It's an interesting question, more so because Lex's behaviour to Lionel in the Asylum was something that could be paralleled to that last scene.

10. Which brings me to that scene. Good Christ. Good. Christ. I have believed that Lionel loved Lex underneath all of it from the very begining, and I still think so, and I think he's a creepy motherfucker, and I think that he's the crazy one -- just as Lex said. The way he kept touching Lex was absolutley chilling. Yay Lex for trying to bite his goddamned creepy fingers off... that scene gave. me. chills. All the scenes with the two of them gave me chills. The scene where Lex got electroshocked I can't even talk about, it got me so much...oh god, MR and JG should be in every scene together. They play off one another better than I can even say.

11. Clark loves hs Lex so ridiculously much, and Lex loves him, too. (Everyone's said it, I'm just echoing it.) The scene in the begining? I thought they were going to kiss. The scene where Clark tries to break him out? I thought they were going to kiss. The ending scene even though I still have my doubts? I thought they were going to kiss. Anyone who can have watched that episode and say that Clark has done Lex wrong saw a different episode than I did.

I...need to think more before saying anything more. But really, this episode was amazing. I was concerned that Asylum would never live up to Shattered, and it very much so did. Good Lord. I'm going to crawl back into my brain for a little while.

(btw, I'm loving Angel right now)
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