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Questions of the universe written large across a ball of lint.

There may be a reason for that title, then again maybe not. Being back at school makes me twitchy and strange. Well, twitch*ier* and strange*er*, perhaps. So, anyway, I'm already desperately regretting the loss of my coffee pot, and also the carpet, but I'll survive, I think. I deseperately need to go to Target and get myself a DVD player and a new floor covering of some kind. Perhaps also a microwave and coffee pot. The issue is that I have none of those pretty pieces of green paper one usually exchanges for objects. They seem to have all blown away in the wind, crying that they've been freed from the tyranny of my ridiculously ugly wallet. Or I could have spent it on objets de vice. One of the two, really.

Random note: Being in my room is like living inside a cigarette. I'm not sure how it happened but it sort of became the smoking lounge for my friends. This bears some looking into.

Anyway, I owe people a bajillion comments and emails and as soon as things becalm themselves, I shall get right on that. Until then, I guess, I'm going to sort of gak a thing from thete1 -- which is, in the spirit of the meme about fic commentary, if y'all have specific questions, or want to know more about anything I wrote, ask me and I'll respond.

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