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All I'm sayin is this

that any movie with Brad Pitt, Ron Eldard, Jason Patric, Billy Crudup *and* Kevin Bacon is of the good. No, really.

How many of you remember the movie Sleepers?

If you don't, you should, is all I'm sayin'. For serious -- not only is it a good movie (and very helpful when playing the Kevin Bacon game) but oh the pretty slashtasticness of it. Shakes and Mikey? SOINLOVE. Tommy and John? MFEO. And on the dirty wrong side of things you've got Noakes/Ferguson. It's *all good*, you guys. No, really.

So just go watch it. And then write me fic about it because dammit, I want some. *is five and demanding* (Besides, I've already started writing some and it's eating my brain. I thnk the rest of you should try it, too.)
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