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Left you by the house on fire

Number of things I should be doing right now that relate directly to school and are therefore technically kind of important for me to do: I don't have that many fingers.
Number of those things I'm doing: Not a damned one.
Guilt level regarding that: Mild to moderate.
Headache: High to Extreme. (It feels like there are angry gnomes making like the Viet Cong and tunneling through my brain -- although I'm not trying to imply that the Viet Cong ever tunneled through my brain. That would be strange, indeed.)
Cigarette intake: All time low. Still recovering from smoking the emergency pack. May in fact be recovering from that for a good long time. *shudders*
Ability to see: Highly impaired due to loss of glass and lack of contact lenses.
Possibility that headache is related to lack of corrective lenses: Very definite.
Plans to fix that: Vague. Very vague.

Random Thoughts:

This is something that can -- and certainly *will* -- be jossed as the series progresses. However, in all of the episodes to date one can easily identify that these two characters are stand ins for very definite heroic 'types'. Clark is The Gentleman Hero who operates within the soceitally expected norm as a general rule and pines after the unavailable woman whereas Lex is most definitely the The Independent Hero, who will win at all costs. The latter heroic type is the more popular nowadays, which is interesting as I would say that Smallville is in many ways a tribute to Lex Luthor -- a modern attempt at retelling that character more than Clark.

Certainly Smallville makes inroads at giving Clark a very different psychological landscape than one sees in the comics -- or perhaps, maybe simply a different explanation *for* his psychological landscape -- but in the end, his character has not be changed as completely as Lex's has. That's where the real creation on this series is happening, and frankly that's why so many of us adore Lex so wholeheartedly -- he's what this show is realy *giving* us. So, then, it makes sense that the reinterpretation of Lex Luthor as a 'good guy' for as long as that lasts on the show will be within the realm of the more typical modern hero -- the Rogue Hero, for whom the ends justify the means, and who operates best on his own. The Rogue Hero is notable for his willingess to engage in less than 'chivalric' behaviour, and his unwillingness to completely sublimate his own desires. Han Solo and Rhett Butler are perfect examples of this type of hero, while King Arthur is the most typical Chivalric Hero of all.

Clark's interest in 'doing right' and pro-actively making decisions based more on the well fare of others than perhaps himself all lend credence to the interpretation of him as a Chivalric Hero. However, one could point at all the instances in which he lies and thereby attempt to discredit that. My arguement there would be that, he's an *emerging* Chivalric Hero -- seriously, guys, he's *17*, let's not forget that. Additionally, even the Chivalric Heroes of myth often lies to protect his identity. Also, as I said before, we're a society who prizes the Rogue Hero first -- so we have Clark struggling against that to find himself, and he's certainly no real Rogue. That must, also, be a consideration when one looks at his behaviour.

Perhaps it's significant that in the end the Chivalric Hero will triumph over the Rogue Hero, in the most basic sense. But then, that begs the question, *does* he? Lex Luthor is always there, and always succesful and he doesn't have to *hide* who and what he is to the extent that Clark does -- Lex has compatriots (Hope, Mercy) who are there for him in ways that Clark can't allow anyone to be for him. We're surely supposed to interpret the comics as lauding Clark and frowning upon Lex's behaviour, but you've got to wonder who ends up with the sweeter deal. I think that this reflects the historic shift from one hero to the next, given the time that the comics came to popularity. In my opinion, the real shift started to happen about the same time that Gone With The Wind was made into a movie, because the two male leads are also meant to stand in for the two heroic types -- and here we see the ridicule and decline of the Gentleman Hero, in favor of the Rogue. I think that the struggle between the two types for primacy in the Superman comics canon is much more subtle, and much less clear cut.

Hmm. End wankage here.

I'm in love with Chloe. It's a thing. She's my girl. What can I say? I watch the show, and I want to throw things at the other characters for not like, immediately throwing themselves at her feet because, yo? She's amazing. But when I really get to thinking about it, I can't decide who I'd like to see her paired with. I mean, Chloe/Clark while definitely hitting all the right buttons for me when it comes to Teh Pretty, is just an invitation to heartbreak, remorse, crying, eating of way too much ice cream and the like. Besides, then my two darlings would end up all hurt, and I'd find myself wanting to hit Clark in the face with a shovel and wanting to roll my eyes at Chloe and be like, "Girl, please. He's a crush." and then they'd both hate me. So really, Chloe/Clark is just bad all around.

Chloe/Lex? I know a lot of people are all about that. I mean, sure, they're both hot and slinky. And clever and snarky. But...I...*shrugs* This pairing just really tends not to do it for me. Largely because I feel like they'd never view one another in that way. Chloe's just one of Clark's little friends, and Lex is an interesting thing to investigate. Maybe in the future...*shrugs* But honestly, I just can't see that working out on so very many different levels. So it doesn't work for me.

Chloe/Pete? Okay, maybe. Largely because writing Pete is almost like writing an original character -- he can be whatever the hell you want him to be since we see so little of him on the show. So while it can be fun? It lacks heat for me.

But Chloe/Lana...here's where things get interesting in my head. They've got such complimentary neuroses, and in a lot of ways, they could be *quite* good for one another. While Chloe's the more extroverted of the pair, Lana's certainly the more assertive; say what you will, but the girl goes after what she wants/needs. And she's not afraid of saying to someone, "Look, you need to *back off*" or something to that effect. Chloe on the other hand will put on a brave face and just hurt quietly, hoping everyone else is happy. She'll hope you know what she wants, and give it to her, but she's not going to ask for it. Lana, on the other hand, really really *will*.

Also, there's the 'don't leave me behind' thing. Lana's so terrified of being left behind that the girl is going to cling like a limpet, but then again, so is Chloe in her own, much more quiet way. Her mother walked out on her and her father when she was quite young, and Clark walked out on her at the dance -- Chloe's *terrified* of not being enough. Any of the male characters on this show are just really going to spur that fear on -- because they're so involved with their issues/problems that they're not going to be able to take the time to make either girl feel secure and wanted. However, both Lana and Chloe are going to be pretty straight up about that, due to their fear.

And as I said before -- they'd be so good for each other in that Lana? Would step up to the bat for Chloe in a way that Chloe just *won't* for herself. Think Lana standing up for Whitney first season. Don't you secretely *want* to see her stand up to Clark and be like, "By the way, why are you such a *dick* to Chloe sometimes?" I mean, Clark's head would explode.

Besides, they're just so *cute* together in a lot of ways -- think Magnetic. I feel like Chloe and Lana could honestly *enjoy* one another. They're pretty much the only possible straight up *fluffy* pairing on SV in general, het or slash. (Except for Morgan/Lionel, but that's like, sociopathic fluffy and besides, Morgan dies in Shattered, so there's your doom.)

In conclusion: feel the love. Write the girl porn.

Lastly? You should all write me smut right this very second as I am a very shiny Nif, and a very bored Nif.

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