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Harry Potter-y goodness. And other stuff, too.

Anyone out there who wants to talk Order of the Pheonix? Instant message me. I'm not *all* the way done yet, but I will be by the time I go to bed tonight. I'm damned close.

Also? Anyone out there who feels like holding my hand through a particularly rough patch in my story? *feels dejected* Why are Clark and Lex mean to me? Why? All I want to do is put them through a little angst and get them laid. That's *all*....I swear. Really.


The problem is that I originally saw A Deeper Season as being a story that alternated viewpoints. That's why I chose omniscient third person. And yet...it's not so omniscient any more, this third person of mine. It's stuck to the All Clark! All the Time! channel. And I don't know how that happened. Clark Kent, why did you hijack my narrative voice?! A well raised boy would know better than that. Martha would be *ashamed*. *Ashamed,* I say.

*Sigh again* At least I have Order of the Pheonix...*pets book*.
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