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Get in or get out.

I say this every time I wake up early, but it's so true: the earlier I wake up, the more of a real human being I feel like. Sure, it takes a good ten minutes for me to slowly wind myself out of "NIFRA SMASH" mode, but by that time, my eyes are fully open and after a shower I'm ready to start interacting with the world. This morning alone, I *cleaned my refrigerator* and did other cleaning-related things (I'm working up to laundry, that's the real big deal) and did school work and *everything*. I considered going to the gym, but I felt like that might be pushing this whole 'accomplishing things' issue too far.

In other news, I now own Angel Season 1 and West Wing Season 1. I still think Toby's the best thing ever. I was broken by Hero on Angel due to the intensity of my Doyle-love (it was the first time I'd seen it). Have I mentioned that I love my dvd player? Yes, yes, I do. (Forty dollars at Sears and the sucker actually *works*. It's not just love, it's a long term committed relationship.)

I have so much Thomas Mann to go read. *sigh* I think I'll go do that.
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