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It's never too early.

Is it weird to be watching Angel and thinking, I want a Lindsay of my very own? Because, Lord, do I. He's pretty, his voice makes me happy, and largely he just pleases me by existing. So, yeah, my birthday is coming up in April. Any of you guys have a line on my very own quasi-evil blue eyed boy who wears lovely suits and makes me want to tug his tie and pull him into bed with me while he does shady legal things? That's what you should provide me with, thankyouvermuch.

So my day today was largely spent fetal in my bed reading Sandman comics and trying to figure out why in God's name my uterus has decided to be my arch-enemy. I mean, I never lied to it, it certainly didn't have a father who gave it electroshock therapy, and hell, it never even had to deal with meteors. Clearly, it's just straight up evil.

The interesting part was from 8-11 or so, during which time I was denied my milkshake, I took a swan dive onto the ice in front of my house, and then I got yelled because my neighbor's girlfriend doesn't think Kate Winslet is pretty. So, basically, my reaction to that was to go into my room, close the door and just watch pretty pretty DVDs with pretty pretty Lindsay, who, again? Birthday present guys. (You know, for the girl who has everything. Or, many things at least. Okay, some things.)

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