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It's...an SV thing -- What She Can Do

Too long to be a drabble, too short to be a story, really. So I'm calling it a thing. Go with me.

For Lyra.

Lois Lane’s got a reputation for a reason. She’s smart, she’s ruthless, and when it comes to fitting evidence together, she’s damned near psychic. So, really, she’s not sure why it took her so goddamned long to figure it out. And she sure as hell doesn't know who Clark thinks he’s fooling.

She’s seen Casablanca. She knows all about longing looks, and wistful sighs and all that stuff. It’s not something she goes in for much personally, but she knows it when she sees it. Maybe if she’d known to look for it, it would have been clear before, but now -- now that she *knows* it’s hard not to see it, the way Clark just…shuts down when she mentions Lex Luthor.

How his fingers always twitch toward the pictures of Lex that spill out across the file on his desk. How every time they go to a LexCorp press conference, Clark’s eyes get wider, like he can drink Lex in that way. How during their one interview with the man Clark hadn’t said a damned thing, but Luthor’s eyes had been on him the whole time.

The evidence is all there. Clark loves the bastard. Maybe he has since they were kids. Lois isn’t sure, but she’d be willing to put dimes to dollars that Luthor loves Clark back, albeit in that borderline psychotic/sociopathic way of his. She doesn’t think they’ve ever touched each other – she’s pretty damned sure that if they had, Luthor never would’ve given Clark up.

She knows she wouldn’t have.

That’s not the point, though Lois knows she’d be pretty hard pressed to find a point in all this. She knows now, and that should maybe be enough. But for Lois it never is. What she wants to know is why, and how, and when and how long and all kinds of other things that she’d have to ask Clark to find out. And she’s ruthless, but maybe she’s not ready to be that ruthless with Clark. Or herself. She’s not sure she’s ready to listen to Clark tell her how Lex is just misunderstood, or crazy, or how his Dad screwed him over, and she knows she’s nowhere near ready to hear his voice go all soft and concerned when he says Luthor’s first name.

Lois is not in love with Clark, but she knows she could be. Easily. So instead she just sits back. She watches. She wonders if she should do something, say something, because Clark seems so lonely, but then she isn’t sure what the hell she’d do anyway.

Clark and Luthor are stubborn as she is, and if either one of them stepped in and tried to help her ‘fix’ her life, or fix her up (no matter how much she wanted it), she’d fight like hell. She gets it. It makes her feel powerless, but the truth is that in this situation she pretty much is.

So what she does is take Clark out for drinks every time they have a story about Luthor, and she growls at anyone who takes issue with Clark in the bullpen when they’ve been to a press conference. She can’t fix anything, but Lois can give Clark room to put himself back together. Maybe it’s not much, but it’s all she can do.
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