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It's 10:15 pm -- do you know where your writerly existential crisis is?

Becuase mine's currently trying sit on my chest and suffocate me. Yeah -- my big workshop story's due tommorow, and I am doing that thing that *everyone* does which basically consists of "Ohmygod why would I ever feel like it was a good idea to commit words to paper? I should go pick berries in Haiti instead."

It's possible that I'm the only one who comes up with the Haiti and berry picking.

Anyway. I'm sitting here staring at a blinking cursor, knowing that by tommorow afternoon I best have more than six pages of this thing to my name -- and I'm sure I will. I'm just indulging in a freak out because I'm tired and all that. Besides, *workshop story* due *tommorow*. *sighs* My last one went really well, and I freaked out over that one, too. So I'm sure this one will be fine.

Gah! Dear God, please make me a bird, so I can fly far, far far away from here.


Because I love all of you (and you know I do, don't you? Or you should) I'm going to recc you two really hardcore good Chlana fics. Because I have embraced the Chlana so much that it's like, "Uhm, dude, Nif? Could you, like...let go?" Rest assured gentle readers, I shall not.

So, yes. Chlana fic the first:

1. Blurring Edges by Lyra Sena -- Yeah. She's my podlet. You're all rolling your eyes and thinking, "Dude, nepotism is *so* the best ism." And, yes, yes you are correct, it totally can be, but seriously? The woman's got a talent for writing that *cannot* be denied. So, anyway, what Lyra does here is take apart the bundle of insecurities that *is* Lana Lang...and shows us what Lana *wants* and how Chloe *could* fill that. And she does it beautifully.

2. No place like... by Sageness -- This is preslash, and it's preslash done *right*. Here are our girls, flirting and happy and oh-so-*cute*. This is realistic. This is two high school girls who don't *quite* know what to call the buzzing between them. This is Lana and Chloe, and girl talk and flutters. It's very good - so go read.

I need coffee and cigarettes. Now. Now. Now. *waits for them to materialize and is heartily disappointed when they don't* Did the world not get the memo that it revolves around *me*? Hmm?

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