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Neon Nights...Created! *bounces*

Neon Nights! My website! *kisses it and bounces around, squealing with glee, glee, glee*

Hokay, so lyra_sena *made me a website*!!!! Is it any surprise how much I adore her? I mean, honestly, guys. Let me make this as clear as I can to you:

Lyra's amazing. Abso-fuckin'-lutely amazing.

*AND* it's hosted at illuminatedtext.com which is *way* cool -- so many thanks to girlinthetrilby et al. for having me! And, uhm, y'all? It's fucking *cool*. It's all shiny! And pretty! And wonderful! And mine! All mine! With all my stuff in it! Really! *squeals again*

So. Check me *out*, you guys! I have 24 Smallville stories (and one of them is a 156 page WiP that isn't done yet and oh my god I need to finish that damned thing someday), which -- considering that I entered this fandom in May of last year-- is fairly ridiculous. I also stories in other fandoms, to whit, The O.C., Harry Potter, Master and Commander, Sandman, Lord of the Rings, X-Men Movieverse. Go! Gorge yourself on Nif-fic!
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