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For I am a pimp, pimptastic in stature and arrayment.

svmadelyn you are a brilliant, genius lady. *smooches you* I love how you always have pretty much the bestest ideas ever. Okay, so everybody, do what the woman tells you to:

**Valentine's Day Game for LJ

I was sent an e-mail by our exec. secretary the other day and I thought it was a sweet idea, so I'd love to try it out on LJ. It's simple and not so time-consuming, so if you are at all inclined, please participate! All you have to do is pick 5-10 people on your friendslist, and come up with a word or a phrase or short sentence to describe them. Then send them to svmadelyna@yahoo.com, and I will compile a great, huge comprehensive list of what everyone's sent to me and post it on Valentine's Day. It's rather like a Secret Admirer/Valentine's Party theme and I will not be posting who sent me what at all. For example, if I were to get four separate e-mails describing (we'll use me), I'd just put all of the words/phrases in a list and post them for each LJ user that someone sent me phrases on.

...make sense? Sound like fun? If so, send away!

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