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24 June 2003 @ 12:36 pm
Today should be shot in the forehead if it's going to continue on as it has begun.  
Ways this day has managed to utterly *suck* so far:

1. My alarm went schizoid around five in the morning and started blaring something that may or may not have been Christina Aguilera. I'm not sure. I wasn't fully awake when I turned it off. I was, however, fully awake for the rest of the morning.

2. I hit my funny bone *hard*. Like, still sore hours later hard.

3. My mother called the office and had me *pulled out of work* to call her back. Now, naturally, I'm flipping out thinking that the world has ended or one of my siblings is dead or something, and the reason was that she wanted to make sure that I was okay. Because she had a feeling. Or something. Whatever.

4. I have a truly *terrible* song stuck in my head. (Barbie Girl by Aqua. Seriously, don't ask me how or why. All I know is that the damned thing is *there* and won't go away.)

5. I got left on site when the rest of the crew left for lunch. So I had to *walk* home and thusly have much less time than I should normally have had.

Here's to hoping that the rest of the day isn't as bad, but I have to put in overtime today and there's no AC where I'm painting, so I am less than convinced that this will be true.

Totally random neural firing: So while I was painting earlier, I was thinking about who I'd cast for random parts. Like, Lois, or Mercy, or Bruce Wayne and Dick (am less than sure of his last name.) I know Eliza Dushko is a popular choice for Lois (*loves at Wendi's newest story -- which should be read by all because it's blisteringly hot*), but I think in my head she's Mercy. Lois in my head looks more like a younger Diane Lane or a younger Joanna Going. More like Joanna Going, I think. *thinks* Yeah.

And as I thought about it, I wondered, what does everyone think of casting characters? I mean, would you prefer them casted in headers? Do you like the visual? Because sometimes I like it, and sometimes I don't. I generally develop highly specific images of people, so the cast list can be a problem at times. What are y'all's thoughts?
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Meretmeret on June 24th, 2003 01:29 pm (UTC)
I just posted in my journal today that I could see Parker Posey as totally being Lois if she were younger. I like a taller Colin Farrell as Bruce Wayne, Jennifer Garner as Hope and Gina Torres as Mercy.
pure FORESHADOWINGnifra_idril on June 24th, 2003 08:06 pm (UTC)
Lol - Great minds? They think alike. I thought of Colin Farrell for Bruce Wayne too, only...he'd have to be a little bigger, as you said -- but not just taller. Bigger through the shoulders, too. (I sort of view Bruce Wayne as a mountain of man.)
the basketcasedammitcarl on June 24th, 2003 01:53 pm (UTC)
punk used emma caufield as lois for 'interstitial' which has stuck in my head since.

i did cast my selling_out au, but it was incredibly hard to do so. once you get a certain person in your head (see above), it's hard to get them out. so, i prefer that it's my own choice (or something i wish i had thought of myself *g*).
celli on June 24th, 2003 02:43 pm (UTC)
I like having the option to see "casting," like in covers and such, but if they haven't appeared on the show, I always reserve the right to see it my way instead. *g*
pure FORESHADOWINGnifra_idril on June 24th, 2003 08:08 pm (UTC)
Lol! That's totally fair. I do the same thing.
Kim: Michael (impassive)simplelyric on June 24th, 2003 03:18 pm (UTC)
And as I thought about it, I wondered, what does everyone think of casting characters?

I'm not that fond of it, generally. Every once in a while, someone else's casting really works for me and sticks with me (the main example that comes to mind is lanning's casting of Ben Kingsley as Eli in her Identical series). Usually, though, having someone else tell me who they think should be representing a given character just frustrates me. I'll try to start reading with that picture in my mind, lose the thread of it, and end up getting jolted when I read something that has me picturing the character a different way. Does that make any sense?

I think it's good for an author to have a clear picture in her/his mind of an original or not-currently-canonical character so that they can write that character in a way that's easy for readers to picture. Outright telling the readers who they author imagines in the role strikes me as a little too much authorial influence, I guess.
pure FORESHADOWINGnifra_idril on June 24th, 2003 08:11 pm (UTC)
Yes, that does make sense. I like to think of the casting thing as generally more of a guideline visual, rather than a hard and fast rule. So even if an author *has* cast someone and I think s/he looks differently, I'll keep on thinking that happily.
dolimir_k on June 24th, 2003 03:25 pm (UTC)
I'm with you. I totally see Eliza as Mercy.


Sorry you had such a hard day. Hope it got better.

Maybe you can drown your sorrows in your writing. *hopefully look*

Heh, well I had to give it a shot.
pure FORESHADOWINGnifra_idril on June 24th, 2003 08:13 pm (UTC)
Aww, thanks...it did get a little better.

And the writing thing? Totally going to go try to drown the long, hard day in happy Clex fantasy. You got your wish! *G*
Siobhansiobhan_w on June 24th, 2003 04:46 pm (UTC)
I like it when people cast characters for their fics because it helps me visualize the characters. Although, if they have cast them, I'd prefer that they let me read the story first before they tell me who they cast so I can form my own image of the character and then see how closely it matches.

I rarely cast the characters in my fics because 1) they're usually not original characters and 2) if, on the rare occasion I do have an OC, I prefer to think of them as a completely unique indiviual, not just like someone else. Does that make sense? *g*
pure FORESHADOWINGnifra_idril on June 24th, 2003 08:15 pm (UTC)
Yeah, that does make sense. A while back I was involved in something that *required* casting what was, for all intents and purposes, an original character and I had an incredibly specific picture of hte person in my head because to me *this* was the unique individual I had created and casting her was just...a pain. Almost impossible, actually...