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State of the Pod address

Another weekend with the Pod seems to have slipped into the time vortex where things fly by so ridiculously fast that around this time on Sunday night you find yourself sitting there thinking, "Wha...how? But...it was just Friday!"

This may be because of all the Angel I forced Lyra to watch. Egregious amounts of Angel, my friends, and God, she loved every second of it. Or, at least I did -- I may be projecting. Saturday we hung out with Tstar78, and decided that what the Justice League really needs is a whole hell of a lot of milkshakes, and possibly help filing. But mostly milkshakes. Lyra has caught me up on SV, and y'all? If I loved my show anymore than I currently love my show, I'd be, like, having it's kryptobabies. Or something. Saw Big Fish, loved that. And lots of fun hanging out, squealing, and just bein' with my girl, which -- you know -- always with the fun. And between the two of us, I think we smoked so much that the firemen at the station across the street have been worried about the BILLOWING CLOUDS OF CIGARETTE SMOKE ISSUEING FROM OUR ROOM. *coughs*

Additionally, I got a goodie! Caro -- you know how you always wanted to know what a Niflet looks like? *grins and points to icon while squealing*
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