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Whip out your Bolton!

This weekend was more fun than I can possibly say -- on Friday I got to meet (finally!) The Offical Lady (aka rageprufrock), She Who Wields Shoes (aka musesfool), The One With The Tiger Love (scrunchy), Mrs. Dimpled Irish Bartender With A Faux Hawk To Be (slodwick)...and really that's about where I run out of clever. But! I met all kinds of fun people check out the list of LJ User names: melo_l, celli, thdancingferret, linabean, nerodi, scribblinlenore, tobyfan, lifeinwords and even more! And I got to spend time with Lyra, and pretty much there ain't nothing wrong with any of that!

So I got home from all those fun and games and instead of doing work -- naturally -- I decided to watch a movie, The League of the Extraordinary Gentleman, and you know it was shiny and moved fast, but largely bad. What I really liked about it, though, was Stuart Townsend who, apparently, is some kind of ridiculous all mighty bitch god. Man, he still sure boils my tang like you wouldn't even believe. Also? He's totally what Sirius Black looks like in my head so check it out. Also, *damn* musesfool and rageprufrock because now I want to write HP but I don't know what *to* write, and this is much with the me-irritation (but in a very mild and largely fine kind of way).

Also -- all of you -- right now. Download 'You Made Me Gay' by Gravy Train!!! because you know you want to.

ETA: Look at how hardcore I fail -- do you know how many of those username tags were wrong originally? *facepalms*

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