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State of the Nif

Atmosphere of my room: Natural disaster site. Probable tornado.
Status of my skin: There is, in fact, a zit on the tip of my nose. Please, let the Rudolph jokes begin.
Construction outside: Only two construction workers screamed something involving the word 'fuck' this morning -- but I feel like one of them may have yelled 'I fucking love you', which suddenly interests me in that damned building.
Cups of coffee consumed: Not a fucking one, so I'm hoping that someone's circulated some kind of memo telling those around me to tread lightly.
Cigarettes: Across the room.
Probability that I will be able to telekinetically move the cigarettes across the room and into my waiting hand: Sadly, low.
Weird music I can hear coming from down stairs: Ave Maria, *really fucking loud*.
Attitude toward that fact: I mean, sure I guess it's pretty but it's got strong funereal vibes for me.
Addiction to Angel DVDS: Actively frightening.
12 step groups available: None that I'm aware of.
Wearing: Definitely still the pajamas.
Wants: Fraser/Kowalski fic. Feed me, Seymour.

In other news: lexcorp_hope has a really insightful post about Clark and Lex here. I agree with her a *great* deal -- becuase, in my opinion? To deny either Clark or Lex their emotional and moral complexities is to do *both* of them a disservice.

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