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Just let me rock you

I have the best friends in the world. Upon announcing my incredibloy impoverished state yesterday, three of them decided to take responsibility for the Feeding and Care of the Nif. So today I was hijacked by these lovelies, and forced to eat much good food that I was not allowed to pay for. We watched retarded amounts of Law & Order: SVU -- no, really *retarded* amounts. And every time Meloni Meloni-ed across the screen, I thought about the delightful Ms. scrunchy. But I have to admit, seeing Vern Schillinger playing a therapist? WOW was that a worlds-collide! moment. (I know that's not actually his name, but Oz is one of those shows that I can't seem to ever let go of the characters from. So those actors are permanently whomever they played in Oz to me. Which got weird when I met MuMs last year, because I kept wanting to call him Poet. Somehow, I managed to restrain myself.)

Anyway, all this thinking of scrunchy(and some instigation on the part of slodwick) made me start thinking of Tiger Lovin'. And so, for your edification, have a wee

What Aladdin liked best about Rajah was that Rajah never yelled at him. It was nice to have someone to come home to who didn't throw pillows or pout, the way Jasmin had before she'd run off to China to see her 'friend' Mulan. He'd put on a big show of being hurt, of course, but truthfully Aladdin was relieved to have the palace to himself. Well, not entirely to himself -- Rajah was always there. Always beside him, offering support, comfort...love? Aladdin wasn't sure what was going on behind those big green eyes, or what Rajah meant when he licked Aladdin at night. All he knew was that when Rajah curled up beside him at night he felt warm, safe, and oh so happy.

I also watched a movie today that really touched me, and got me thinking. If you all haven't seen Trembling Before G-d I suggest that you do. It's a film about people who are trying to reconcile their homosexuality with their Jewish Orthodoxy, and it just gets you to really think about the importance of both sexuality and spirituality in one's life. And it's accesible even for those who *aren't* Jewish or homosexual, because you know me? Straight little Catholic girl, so. Check it out, really.

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