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This is just to say...

How much Snoop Dog makes my life a better thing. and god *damn* every scene with him in it made me convulse with glee. Snoop Dog, you are truly The Man.

So, you know how Jenny's a Crazybitch? That definitely doesn't seem to be changing any time soon -- though, I have to say, after her totally bizarre 'I'm not apologizing anymore' thing (also: what the fucking fuck was that all about? I mean, was she apologizing before when she was telling the man she'd cheated on details about how he was definitely her rebound man, even if slightly veiled in Jennyspeak?) I was so concerned that she was going to go utterly apeshit and take a rifle to the gun tower. No, mark my words you all, this woman is NUTS and dangerous. The throwing of the wine bottle and the way she got physical with Marina? Do not bode well. She's going to snap and kill, I swear to God.

Additionally: Marina, hi, honey, listen. Where the hell'd your back bone go? Why do you put up with all the crap that you put up with? I mean, what's that all about? Francesca and Jenny are *way* not good enough for you. You're hot, you're smart, you're all kinds of great things -- do you also *crave* crazy passive aggression? Because that's the only possible explanation that I can see for her taste in women.

Oh, and while we're talking about questionable taste in women, Tim, darling, I love you. You definitely called Jenny on her shit tonight, which is nice, because well. She's a Crazybitch.

Dear Dana, I want to be your new best friend. Love, Nifra. Seriously, you guys -- she's the cutest thing ever. I love and love and love her. And her cat.
My love for Shane? Equally strong, but like, exponentially more motivated by the fact that she's pretty much walking sex. Especially when she's got those glasses on. Very, very nice. *purr* My love for her love interest, though, is kind of non existent -- I am Less Than Optimistic about how all that's going to play out.

Alice, my love, how could you not have known that Lisa would drive you crazy from the start? Don't set yourself up for that nonsense! Sleep with Dana's mom's friend's son. He's pretty, and uncomplicated. *nods firmly*

I felt for Bette tonight, and for Tina, but their storyline somehow really didn't grab my attention. I think I was too busy pointing and squealing about Snoop Dog. However, the preview for next week's episode? With the quote about their unborn child dying becuase God hates gays? I sincerely hope that Bette does something drastic in response to that remark. God knows *I* wanted to.

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