pure FORESHADOWING (nifra_idril) wrote,

From the front lines of customer service v. the Nif:

Dear Sony,

Please feel free to suck my balls. No, really. I completely appreciate all of the wonderful help and concern that all of your representatives have shown me when we've spoken over the phone - nearly as much as I appreciate the sound quality of the computer I bought from you. I mean, it only crapped out on me four times in a year and a half before commiting the final act of seppuku that has brought me to your ever-so-kind customer service department today. That's good, right?

Much bitter resentment,



A brief list of other news:

1. Home = paradise. For real. It's like, eighty degrees outside and gorgeously sunny. Watch me go twirl on the sand by the water. Life is good.

2. My family = drama queens, every last one of us. It's a beautiful thing, honestly. No one else could make the eating of a chinese black pepper into a night long trauma.

3. Laurell K. Hamilton books = crack. So what if they're not terribly well written and the protaganist is The Grand High PoohBah of the Mary Sue council...it's sheer, unadulterated *crack*.

4. I miss the internet. I miss all my internetty friends. *sigh*

5. Giles is hot.

6. I heart Clark.

7. I miss having a computer. *glares at Vaio*

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