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*blinks* You know how earlier I had a random overflowing case of the warm fuzzy? Well I must be psychic or seredipity has struck or something because that warm fuzzy is now nigh unto transparent to the...scalding hirisute I've got right now and dear Lord that sounds like an STD but really it's just that I'm utterly completely and totally overwhelmed and yes, yes, this is Nifra babbling. I just...I can't even tell you all how touched I am, or how grateful I am because both of those words are just shades of what I'm feeling right now -- I'm shaking, I'm crying, and you know what? You are all some of the most awe inspiring people I've ever met, and I am lucky to have met you, lucky to have you in my life and this still isn't me coherent yet. *laughs* Hah! I haven't even mentioned why yet!

lyra_sena and slodwick and so many other beautiful wonderful people did amazing things to try and cheer me up with these gorgeous stories and breath taking art work and put it up on a website that I really would link you all to, *laughs* except that I don't know the html and I've shoo-ed Lyra off to bed and I'm not using Semagic becuase I'm on my brother's computer. I...thank you. Those don't seem like the right words, they seem to small. I've been a wreck, and I've been trying to hide it, and this is just..Thank you. I love you all, I really, really really do.

ETA: this is Lyra, sneaking on Nif's journal to give y'all the website, so you can see what Nifra is babbling about. *snuggles Nif* Love you, sweetie.

Shattered Into Song: A Collection of Love for Nifra

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