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Communiques from the front: Oh, GOD, the humanity! There wasn't a sock left to be found!

Once upon a time in Nifville was a land of plenty. Clean, and proper, and lovely -- with socks enough for all. But as the days dragged on and on, dust seemed to spring out of the corners like grass, and all manner of bottles collected all over the place. Ashtrays were spilled, much to everyone's dismay, and slowly the socks receeded into hiding, one by one.

Today, there ain't a single sock in Nifville, and that's a goddamned fact. So I'm wearing flip flops. That's right: flip flops, despite the weather's stubborn insistence on being all chilly-like.

I think of it as my own personal revolution. My sockless revolution. Whatever.

Also, hi. *waves* I do still exist.

And I've missed the birthday of an incomparable lady, one I've had the pleasure to meet in person, and have admired for a long, long time. Happy (very) belated birthday rivkat!

Now, I know my absence must have fallen over all of you like a dark cloud on a sunny day -- filling you with dread, foreboding, and perhaps stark terror. But fear not, my brethren! For I shall return to you...sometime soonish. My computer is being repaired. I should have it back at some point. You know. In the next three weeks .

I'm fine with that amount of time. Really. I mean, I'm not shaking/sweating or anything at all. This is good, right?

Oh! And it's official: I'm a slut for dvds. (Also, I should have that on a shirt, because if anyone deserves it it's me -- I walk anywhere near a packaged dvd set and I'll end up walking away, poorer.)

I. Uhm. May have *accidentally* purchased the Firefly dvds. I also may have *accidentally* watched all of it. And *accidentally* felt like Jayne was the best thing ever (I...can't really say why. I just heart him.) and like Simon was canonically queer and totally doing it with both Mal and River in this totally repressed and tormented kind of way and you know, I feel dirty for having written that.I didn't mean it in any kind of threesomey way -- just, you know. He's in bed at night, River slips in next to him and is crazy in her way of being all "I can do it and so I should" and Simon is Simon and then later he and Mal have the hot sweaty/weirdly angry mansex...you know. It's possible I've thought about this too much. PS: Inara and Kaylee are also totally doing it. *makes self stop*

On the other hand, I purposefully purchased the first two Lucifer comics and wow, I do so love it. Lovely art (though I think my favorite is the watercolor in the begining of "Devil in the Gateway"), and somehow Lucifer reminds of Brian Kinney without all that compassion and with a smidge more charm.

Also: *gives everybody a big ol' hug*. I miss you guys.
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