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I can honestly say that I began my Easter contemplating slashing Lucifer and Micheal. I think this means I win. Also, it's musesfool's fault. So maybe she wins, actually.

To the rest of the world: Happy Easter! May it be filled with much candy and fun, also let us never forget the real meaning of this day which is this: no matter what they teach you in biology, and what they say on the discovery channel(s), rabbits can lay eggs. *nods soberly*

Easter, now that I'm not really an observant Catholic anymore, confuses me. I'm all "I've got guilt, chocolate and fake plastic grass...what is this all about?" And then I throw the plastic grass at passers by. Usually that's family, so I'm in the clear.

Things For Which I Am Too Sexy

I'm too sexy for the train schedule.
I'm too sexy for skim milk.
I'm too sexy for wrapping presents well.
I'm too sexy for my socks.
I'm too sexy for really slow modems.
I'm too sexy for the Oddysey mini-series with Armand Assante in it.
I'm too sexy to go down stairs and do my laundry.

Also? I can kill you with my brain.

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