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It's like Apocalypse Now, but with less Marlon Brando and more me sitting in the library staring in the face of terror ie: deadline. So! Have some Nif-thoughts:

Okay, let me begin this by saying: OMIGOD I LOVE THIS SHOW. I really, really do and I have to wait until *January* to find out what happens after that cliff hanger of a season finale?! Gah! Bear in mind that I've just seen this epi so my thoughts? Not much with the coherent or organized. Just pretty much blurted out.

Also,I have to say that as I watched that episode I was utterly riveted. I think the scene which struck me the most as just being absolutely amazing in every possible way was the scene with Bette and Tina in the shower. The colors, the composition, the lighting and oh dear *GOD* the acting -- everything was breath taking. Holy Jesus! *hearts her show*

Jennifer Beals has done a truly outstanding job throughout the series playing Bette, and making this melt down utterly inevitable from the very first episode. I mean, that woman is wound *so tight*, and you see that from when she flips out about having a biracial child all the way up to the final scene with her in it here, where she and Tina have that incredibly questionable sex and also: wow. That scene? Was like nothing I've seen before. It was amazing and troubling and just plain *great*. There were *so many* power dynamics going on in that bed that I don't even know where to start, and Bette the whole time is whispering 'I love you'. I mean, dear sweet God.

But what was really great about that scene is that it wasn't just Bette freaking out -- though she did, of course -- it was Tina. And Tina's been in a pressure cooker just as much as Bette has. From episode one, their relationship has been subtly on the rocks, and Tina knows it. And on top of that she's been coping with 1) trying to get pregnant, 2) being pregnant and not having Bette be there for her, and then 3) losing the baby. I mean, she cried, sure, but she never really seemed to *deal* with it. Which is why I wasn't surprised by the sheer *violence* of her reaction to Bette cheating on her. I mean, girl's got *anger* that she hasn't dealt with, and of course it comes out on Bette.

And the dynamics between those two actresses -- blow me out of the water. They play off each other *amazingly*. Bette's sadness and Tina's anger and both of their need just, like, snowballed into that incredible scene that made me uncomfortable to watch and yet was at the same time erotic. It wasn't rape, but it wasn't really kosher either. It did what the show, Provocations, was supposed to do, as Bette described it. It made me uncomfortable and it made me think, and wow, is that good television.

Also: I hate Candace with the fire of a thousand blowtorches on a thousand suns and I hope that something she's building falls on her little homewrecking head. The End.

And, shallow PS: What the hell was Tina wearing to Provocations? A maternity dress? I mean, really, dude...

Oh, and speaking of the shallow-clothing-commentary: Jenny, sweet pea? Can you *not* wear a burlap sack as a shirt? K, thanks, bye!

So, let's talk Jenny for a minute, also. I think that this episode was incredibly redemptive for her. By the end of it, when she was sitting there playing monopoly with Robin and her Manatee Man (who, btw? Is not cute!), I really liked her, albeit cautiously. I think that the thing with Jenny is that she doesn't even know how to relate to people if sex isn't a part of the equation. I know we've all been saying all along that she's a crazy person (and she's been saying it, too), but I think that she legitmately does have real issues regarding sex. In fact, every sex scene she has makes me uncomfortable because of the sheer *fierceness* of Jenny's expressions. When she started to cry up against the seal tank (also: wtf? seals=aphrodisiac suddenly?), I wasn't surprised at all. In fact, it's as though I've been waiting for her to do that all season long.

But as I said before -- Jenny doesn't know how to relate to people she isn't fucking. That's why she had that attempt on my girl (aka Dana), which was one of the funniest things I've ever seen on TV, btw. The final scene with the monopoly and all shows her trying to have friends, and that's good, but these are people that she's fucked and probably will fuck again. Her whole demeanor -- the cagey wildness that she has, the need for attention, the almost nymphomaniacal attitude toward sex, and her insecurity all make me wonder if her sexual history includes abuse of some kind. Also, did she admit to Manatee Man that she cut herself? Because I feel like she did.

Oh, God, and Shane! Oh, honey. Her first love, and a tragic one, of course. Shallow alert: that girl is such a fucking rockstar. She's so hot/cool. Love. It. Okay, back on thinking track now, but of *course* things with Sherri didn't work out. And props to Rosanna Arquette for playing that character *to the hilt*. She was amazing in that scene between them at Provocations -- as was Kate Moennig. And I love that the very things that interested Shane in Sherri were the things that pulled the relationship apart -- to whit, her sheer unattainability, the things that made her 'out of Shane's league'. And God, does that character suddenly break your heart or what?

But what I think was great is how *young* Shane is, and we really see it here for the first time. In the way that she lashes out at Alice, and the way she has these hugely idealistic notions of what Sherri will and will not do, and all like that. (And trust me, I catch the irony of *me* saying that someone who's 25 is young, don't think I don't.)

What really breaks my heart about the Shane-arc is this: she spends the night alone after Sherri like, rips her heart out of her chest, puts it in the blender and hits frappe. If ever there was a time when a girl needed to be surrounded by her friends? It was then. Instead, Shane goes out on her own. But then, who would she really turn to -- everyone else was busy.

New OTP alert: Kit/Ivan. I *heart* Ivan. I want to make this clear: I think Ivan is amazing. *I* would date Ivan. I want Kit to marry Ivan. I want them to run away together to Borra Borra where they can make beautiful music on bongo drums and spend all day in tropical splendor or something. Also, Snoop Dogg could be there maybe, just to increase the fabulousity.

Anyway, their whole arc made me just happy, happy, happy. Even if Kit's all conflicted, I'm not. My Ivan/Kit stance is very firmly affirmative. When Ivan sang to Kit in the parking lot after provocations? I had my hand over my mouth the whole time and was 'awwing'. Also, I love that song. I just adored that scene so much! It was so romantic and beautiful and amazing! Yay Kit/Ivan!

NOW! Onto the best for last: Dana. Dana has been my favorite character since episode one, and continues to be and it's no wonder that she decided to marry Tanya because girl's insecurity? Sky high. But Mr. Piddles! *weeps and staps Tanya-bitch* Anyway, the whole funeral for Mr. Piddles was hysterical and wonderful. Tanya continues to make me want to claw my own eyes out whenever she's on screen because a) she's annoying, b) I hate her, c) she's not right for my Dana, and d) she impedes my OTP which, by the way? Totally called it in the first episode *thank you very much*. Alice/Dana, baby. All. The. Way.

I recognize that this could be a bad relationship, but largely? I feel like it could be wonderful and the best thing ever, and *will be* if a) Alice doesn't freak out and b) Dana dumps Tanya like, yesterday. And I think that Alice was *amazing* in this episode. Just, amazing, even though she wasn't in very many scenes. When she got to Dana's and helped her plan the funeral? It was wonderful.

And Marina was in this episode, too. For like, ten seconds. I don't like Marina. I really haven't for a while now, and I think that they're writing her out, which is good because largely she's just been a petulant, European child for a while.

Oh! And I like that Tim got to blow up. The boy *deserves* it. I love Tim. I always have, and I always will, and even if he did act kind of like a thirteen year old boy at Provocations (and btw? this whole Trish nonsense *has* to stop, Tim, sweetie), I think that he's largely handled the Jenny thing with a lot of grace. Much better than I would have, in his place.

So. Yes. I *love* my show. Next season they're going to have to deal with a lot, here. I think the storylines that are going to be clearest are a) the fallout from the Bette/Tina disaster, and b) the Kit/Ivan thing which will, inevitably, end badly but for right now I can hope. I think Alice and Dana could really go either way, but
the ride will be entertaining like whoa. I fear the Shane story line from the bottom of my toes, by the by, because, like, where do they go from here? Is she going to become a jaded hard drinker/drug user? Will she try swearing off women? I mean, really, I just don't know what could happen with her, but of course it won't be anything good and I only want good things for my Shane. And, plus, all of those possibilities? Much with the cliched.

Now, I wonder about Jenny, and I look forward to seeing what happens with her, but I swear to God I don't ever want to have to deal with her writing ever again. She just...*covers face with hands*. I wonder if Marina is going to try to court her back, and I hope Marina doesn't manage to. I want to see more of Jenny's history, more of her dealing with her sex-related issues, too.

And I wonder what they're going to do to Tim, or if he'll even be around, and in my heart of hearts, I want for him to fuck Brian Kinney. But then, I want everybody to fuck Brian Kinney, so no surprise there. *grins*

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