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Such a lovely face, such a lovely time

I've decided, for no particular reason, to write this post as a list. Don't ask me why, it just seemed like the thing to do -- I think I may (or may not) be morphing into Casey McCall with the conversational anal-retentive behaviours. Or maybe not. I don't know.

1) I want to direct you all to my new default icon, which is OHMYGOD so sexy! Thank you, Lyra! *smooches*

2) I did not see the epi, as per usual. *sigh* But I'm happy to hear that the mothers got some play. I find myself becoming increasingly frustrated with the almost dismissive attitude toward motherhood -- or at least, toward motherhood as embodied by Martha Kent. But, seriously, have you ever seen a show with so many absent mother figures? It's really kind of interesting, and weird.

3) People should rec me some good Mal/Simon. Because there's just something visceral to me about that pairing, and how hot it is. I think it's the suspender/waistcoat issue. It's weird. But, personally, I tend to believe that Simon is, in fact, canonically gay and that Mal's sexually ambiguous but his interactions with Simon at times smack of sex. Weirdly angry sex, actually -- like he doesn't want Simon getting under his skin or something. Or maybe that's not even it -- maybe it's more like, he doesn't know quite how to respond to the vibes Simon's giving out, or what to do with his response or something. Must think on this more to find better way of verbalizing it.

4) I've got this compulsion to write something epic, and while I'm plugging away at a couple of things, I find myself more and more dissatisfied with them. I think it may be a function of the fact that I'm ridiculously tired. But I've got this idea for a Sirius fic that's starting to gnaw at my brain like a toddler with a teething ring, and I just don't feel too comfortable writing him, for whatever reason. I think it's my weird new-fandom-heebie jeebies thing.

5) Anybody out there familiar with the Kabuki comics? If so, why are you not writing me Ukiko/Akemi? Or even Tigerlily/Scarab?

6) You know how sometimes you think you're in a great mood, and everything's going really well, and then you take a step back and you're like, "Hold up a second, if I'm so happy, why am I listening to *this* playlist?"

(Hurt by Johnny Cash, Both Sides Now by Joni Mitchell, Wish You Were Here by Pink Floyd, What a Good Boy by Barenaked Ladies, Teotihuacan by Noel Gallagher, Where is My Mind? by the Pixies and Faithful by Me'shelle Ndegeocello among others!)

I think I'm trying to tell me something.

7) Does anyone know when the Angel Season 4 DvDs are slotted to come out, by the by?

8) I think the situation is, right now, that I'm having a hella big visit from the Fraud Muse, or whatever it is that one calls that snakey feeling of insecurity that tends to wind itself all around me and squeeze like a ridiculous anaconda of self doubt. Except, it's not just the Fraud Muse of Writing, it's like the Fraud Muse of Life or something. *sigh* Again, this may be the function of exhaustion, or it may be due to continued illness. Am not sure.

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