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Fic spam, part deux: Girlslash!

Title: Say the Word
Pairing: Chloe/Lana
Summary: Chloe takes a deep breath, and thinks, why the hell not?

They're not seventeen anymore.  Lana's been full owner of the Talon for a year, and Chloe's a year from graduating from college, and they're both legal to drink, so Chloe thinks that it should be easier to just do this - reach out and take Lana's hand, and say, "My first girlfriend's name was Rachel, and I met her the summer before sophomore year of high school when I was in Metropolis at that internship. She looked like you."

Instead, they're both still dancing around it. They're both still looking too long, draped across each other in their pajamas here on Chloe's bed, watching cartoons just for the hell of it on a Saturday morning. It's summer, and for the first time in a long time Chloe's staying in Smallville for the full three months.

"You know," Lana says suddenly, pushing herself up on one arm beside Chloe, "I'm so glad that you're here."

Chloe smiles, takes Lana's pink-tipped fingers in her own and says, "Me too." Lana laces their fingers together, and stares down at their hands, a small smile playing around the corners of her lips, and Chloe thinks that she's so perfectly pretty. Even in her oversized pajamas, with her hair a dark tangle around her head and powdered sugar around her mouth from the doughnuts they ate for breakfast, Lana looks lovely - almost elegant, and so soft.

She must have been staring, because Lana squeezes her hand, and when Chloe blinks and looks up, Lana's raised both eyebrows in question. "I still have powdered sugar on my face, huh?" Lana asks, voice warm with laughter.

"Sure do," Chloe agrees, reaching up with her free hand to wipe it off and then Lana does laugh - bright and clear and Chloe laughs with her until she realizes that her thumb has stopped on Lana's lower lip. Chloe feels Lana's other hand resting against her hip, light and warm.

Taking a deep breath, Chloe clears her throat, thinks why the hell not? She's been waiting for things to get easier, for it to finally make sense to mention it, to act on how she's felt about Lana, and now, with Lana's sweet lips underneath her fingers and her strong hand clenched with Chloe's, she's going to.

"There's something I want to tell you," she begins.

"Chloe," Lana interrupts, eyes wide and earnest, "if you say one more word instead of kissing me, I'm going to scream."

For a second, Chloe just blinks at Lana, who smiles up at her encouragingly, but then she starts to giggle and Lana does, too. She buries her face in Lana's neck, laughing so hard that tears roll down her cheeks, and Lana's arm pulls her tight as Lana chuckles into Chloe's hair.

Chloe catches her breath, and leans her head back just enough so that she can murmur against the skin of Lana's ear. "What if I make you scream anyway?" she asks, and Lana's grin widens.

"That," Lana says against Chloe's lips, "would be perfect."

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