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A message of love (and squeakage)

So my voice right now wavers between sounding like I'm Marlena Dietrich (or a transvestite, depends on how kind you're feeling) or Macauley Culkin, circa Home Alone with all kinds of adolescent breaking and cracking.

This is some funny shit, y'all. No, for real.

But, anyway, this is a message of love. And for that reason, I shall now say flame fox1013 because she likes that kind of thing.

*clears throat*

Uhm, you suck, Fox! With all your well written girl-sex! How dare you even think those kinds of thoughts about L'Engle girls? Let alone Lilah! Pshaw! What's wrong with you? I mean, and if you're going to write that kind of thing, can't you at least write it *badly*?! Jesus, think of the children!!

...*throws self at Fox with big hugs and smooches*

Also, here it is, your moment of zen.

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