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you think yr so rad

That title? Was from a spam mail I got today. That's all it said in the message. 'You think yr so rad.' So I read that and was like, "Okay, I...guess I am. Yes. Yes I am so rad."

So behold me and my radness. *is rad*

Anyway -- today is another rainy day in Nifville, though for some reason today the rain (though cold and thoroughly unpleasant to have on your bare, bare feet) doesn't bother me. See, I do the seasonal affected thing like you wouldn't even believe as a general rule -- I think that's a function of growing up in Paradise. But today it seems to soften everything, and make the green of the grass greener. It's like spring just falling out of the sky -- sex, rebirth, everything in a happy little raindrop. I love it.

I want to interrupt our radio broadcast to wish a happy birthday to one of the most amazing people ever: semisuper . Baby girl, there ain't nothin' semi about your super. (That's a pun I'm sure everyone's made, but you know, I'm weak. And rad. Never let us forget how rad I am.) You're incredibly witty, smart, and insightful, and just a very wonderful friend all together. I haven't seen nearly as much of you as I've wanted to recently, (online, I mean) and I miss you desperately, but I hope your day has been utterly gorgeous, as you are.


Something I thought I'd share with y'all that I came across while doing the REAMS AND REAMS of research for my term paper is the following:

One of the books I've been reading for class deals with the 'iconography of hell' and in one of the final chapters the author made the argument that the iconography of hell has been kept alive, even though the meaning of it was changing entirely, through the medium of comic books. The example he used was Batman with his cape, cowl and ears, jumping from building to building and using his many gadgets, and while the analogy works, certainly, it got me thinking on the archetypal level again. Which is always dangerous because I'm a ho for Joseph Campbell (also, I want that on a t-shirt).

But naturally, superheroes were meant to appeal to us on a mythic level -- one reserved mainly for religion before culture became more and more secularized, and these superheroes that comic books offer us a pantheon of modern gods. Surely, the authors must have had this in mind when they created these characters -- and what is it about these powers and abilities that so appeals to us? Flash, with his red suit, lightening bolt emblem and penchant for mischief -- our better intentioned Loki, or perhaps given his tendency toward flirtation, a less ominous Zeus? And Superman, the head of the pantheon, the well meaning last son of Krypton, with pure intentions and a yen for truth, is he Apollo with Diana as his stern, virgin sister, Artemis? The tortured Batman, king Gotham -- his very own Underworld, replete with hellish ghouls and a sense of dour isolation. And I'm rambling, but God (and yes, I'm aware of the irony of me using that particular exclamation in the context of this discussion) this is the kind of thing that sets my brain whirling like a dervish.

I heart mythology and theory. This sort of thought process is what sends me back to the books on mythology, wanting learn more and more and more because myths are fucked up, crazy and just plain great. They're overblown, they're melodramatic, they're parables and they're explanations for the world around them -- their farmers almanacs with plot! *sighs happily*


And, because I'm feeling just utterly ridiculously great right now (and no illicit substances are involved, you suspicious sinners! It's just an overflow of rad), I'm'a gonna list 10 things that give me moments of bliss (following in the illustrious example of the Oh So Rad Ms. thamiris:

1. putting on warm socks right out of the dryer. I love putting on anything right out the dryer -- it's just the littlest bit hot, and it smells clean, and it feels so soft against your skin. Love. It.

2. Words that have 'q' in them. I just love the way words like 'squamos' and 'quiescent' sound -- they're liquid (ha! another!) and gorgeous when spoken aloud.

3. Music with string instruments. (This will make Lyra oh-so-pleased to hear me say.) There's something so romantic and affecting about the sound of string instruments.

4. Holding hands. This is something that I said in Tham's LJ when she first popped the bliss question, but it stays true. I'd hesitate to say that I'm a really touchy feely person, because I need to have a certain comfort level, but I think I draw a lot of comfort and strength from just the regular physical contact of good friends who I feel okay like, cuddling with or holding hands. I don't know. I'm a cuddler. It's a thing.

5. Drinking cold, cold water. It's so crisp! So fresh! Yes!

6. Discussing literature. Ahh, yes, the inner academic (who should really be outer at this point in the semester!) in me is quite, quite strong. Give me somebody who will talk with me at length about Faulkner or Thomas Mann or Anne Carson or Yusef Komunyakaa and I'll show you a very, very happy me.

7. Hats. I...love hats. Love to wear them. Love to force my friends to wear them. Love to see people wearing them. I may or may not have been a milliner in a past life. No, really.

8. The sound of a lighter being lit. It's not even a Pavlovian "OH YES HERE COMES MY NEXT FIX OF NICOTINE" thing -- I just love that sound. The pop of the gas, the whir of the little wheely thing...*shrugs* It's a good sound, man.

9. Talking to my siblings on the phone. They're just such wonderful, wonderful people, and they always have such intersting things to say, and I just can't even wait to know who they'll be when they've grown up. Not that I have.

10. The smell of night blooming jasmine. It's sweet, but not cloying (though I suppose it could be over powering if there was a great, great deal of it) -- just a thin hint of perfume on the air. Mmm. Adore it.

and, as a bonus, I love all of you guys, too. *hugs fandom, bestowing smooches at random*

...I'm a cuddly wee Niflet today. AND A RAD ONE!

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