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Oh, PS, Angel and Spike's Italian Vacation

a) I really dug on old timey Spike's hair. I don't know why. I just did.

b) Spike? Gameboy? Why?

c) Andrew, you're so gay.

d) Illyria totally wants to bone Wesley in the worst way.

e) Freddie Prinz Jr. should totally and completely be the Immortal and I should be allowed to see that on screen because OHMYGOD would that be weirdly hysterical to me.

Shuttup. I'm easily amused.

f) Angel cracks me up when he's being adolescent and weirdly silly.

g) VESPA!!!!

h) Everyone smoking in Wolfram & Hart, Rome? Loved. It. In fact, I think I loved everything about Wolfram & Hart, Rome. I want to work there. Even if my boss' cleavage would be TOTALLY AND COMPLETELY OUT OF CONTROL!! You could hide things in there! Like swords and Vespas!

i) The snippet of Dru & Spike in Rome in the 50s? Classic. Classic. Classic.

All in all, I kind of felt like it was sucktastic, but I had a weirdly good time watching it.

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