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Status Report (standing on my head)

Cigarettes: 15
Coffee: 5 large cups
Existential freak outs: 3, one of which resulted in me looking at plane tickets to New Orleans, and planning a life there as a pastry chef. Mmm beignets.
Shoe casualties: 1 -- I threw it across the room. It impaled itself on a standing lamp. It was a dying sneaker anyway.
Pens exploded in mouth: 1. My lips? Still with the blue.
Pages read: 527 of *class work*, and even more of research for my term paper.
Presentations given: One that doesn't even bear thinking of.
Hours of sleep the previous night: Five
Hours of sleep the night before that: Five and a half.
Brain: Mush. Gross, grey, oatmealey mush that is good for absolutely nothing.
Panic: Moderate. Only moderate. Really. I swear to God.
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