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Oh, God, oh, God, Procrastinate NOW!

Okay, so it seems like it's time for a meme because if I don't do a meme then I'll maybe tear all my hair out why god, why am I such a ridiculous procrastinator? Oh, who knows. I sure don't.

Okay, *takes deep breath* here:

1. so if you're lonely, you know i'm here waiting for you, i'm just a cross hair, i'm just a shot away from you
2. it barks at no one else but me, like it's seen a ghost. I guess it's seen the sparks a-flowin'
3. i was talking to preachy-preach about kissy-kiss
4. at times you find that the truth is the best way out, ooh well now sometimes the truth is the best way out
5. i've been drawn into your magnet tar pit trap
6. i'm struggling with all my abuse, 'cause inexperience is where i lose, muthafucka
7. what are we living for? two-roomed apartment on the second floor, no money comin' in
8. i'll shine up my old brown shoes, i'll put on a brand new shirt, get home early from work
9. i want you to be my queen for a day, i'm good company, yes i am
10. Why battle-cry dry your eyes, no one can hear you
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