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Dear four am, you disgust me.

Four am, I've had it with your nonsense. I thought once that our relationship would work out, but now I see that we just want different things. For instance, I want the sweet, sweet oblivion of sleep, and you want only the cruel merciless brutality of an all nighter.

You leave the toilet seat up and you don't respect my mother. Your language leaves a great deal to be desired; I mean, couldn't just one sentence be more than a fragment? Please? I feel that asking for a simple declarative sentence simply isn't too much to ask. It's not like I'm begging for subordinate clauses here, or as though I were bugging you about dangling modifiers -- no, I'm just saying FINISH A THOUGHT.

And by the way, I didn't want to tell you this before, back when I thought we had a chance, but you smell funny.

I don't want to be friends, I just want you to move out. I'm giving you until tomorrow, buddy, and then I'm sending all of your things over to Goodwill. So get your friends, Five am and Six am, to help you out, because I'm not lifting another finger for you. Not unless I can help it.

Also? I'm keeping all the stuff from Ikea. You can have Pottery Barn.

Goodbye forever.

...or until tomorrow. (What? Everyone has that one last time after a break up...or that several last times...)

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