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tahiti, or stabbing?

Further evidence of svmadelyn and I descending into the maelstrom of PSYCHOSIS. Or, paper writing. Something.

ETA: It took me three tries to get this right. I'm RETARDED.

nifrantic (11:38:38 PM): let's drop out of school and move to tahiti.
nifrantic (11:38:41 PM): we'll meet seth there.
svmadelyn (11:38:44 PM): YES
svmadelyn (11:38:45 PM): WOO
nifrantic (11:38:46 PM): we'll weave huts out of palm trees.
svmadelyn (11:38:50 PM): *BAGS ARE PACKED*
nifrantic (11:38:57 PM): we'll sell things so we can have a dsl connection
nifrantic (11:39:05 PM): and our computers will be our only posessions.
svmadelyn (11:39:06 PM): Sure, sure. I can cook.
svmadelyn (11:39:10 PM): And you can write.
nifrantic (11:39:13 PM): and all we'll do is eat fish and berries and fruit
svmadelyn (11:39:14 PM): And we'll make a living.

nifrantic (11:40:49 PM): today a friend of mine was like "Okay, if you had to chose between writing a final paper every two weeks and getting stabbed every two weeks, which would you do?"
nifrantic (11:40:54 PM): and I was like "oh, stab me."
nifrantic (11:40:57 PM): "please."
svmadelyn (11:41:05 PM): stabbing!
svmadelyn (11:41:09 PM): There's a second vote.

nifrantic (11:41:24 PM): i like how my LJ is the steady chronicle of my descent into the maelstrom
svmadelyn (11:42:18 PM): I was just rereading it actually.
svmadelyn (11:42:21 PM): It's--comforting?
svmadelyn (11:42:28 PM): To see someone as visually cracking as I feel.
nifrantic (11:42:38 PM): i feel like it must be fun for everyone who isn't in college to laugh and point at me.
svmadelyn (11:42:39 PM): I feel the icon is especially strong.
svmadelyn (11:42:46 PM): And fitting.
nifrantic (11:42:47 PM): *grins* Yeah, I feel good about it.
svmadelyn (11:42:58 PM): Yeah. I'm figuring you speak for both of us.
nifrantic (11:43:00 PM): And my CRAZY EYES

nifrantic (11:47:26 PM): i want to write music about final time
svmadelyn (11:47:28 PM): It is a reflection of my not so very still and calm waters.
nifrantic (11:47:32 PM): i feel like i coudl write a variety of songs
svmadelyn (11:47:36 PM): Oh, totally.
nifrantic (11:47:38 PM): there would be punk:
nifrantic (11:48:05 PM): there could be emo:
svmadelyn (11:48:05 PM): No more teachers, no more books, oh my god does this suck.
svmadelyn (11:48:11 PM): Except, more rhyming.
nifrantic (11:48:47 PM): here I sit, alone wearing stripes on my bed/ visions of sexual politics running through my head/ and i think, baby, if we had congress/ oh, well, i guess i'd have to confess
svmadelyn (11:48:49 PM): I am having fun bouncing my head in tune with the punk so that my hair falls over all crazy like.
svmadelyn (11:49:00 PM): If I still had my purple streaks, it'd be so good.
nifrantic (11:49:03 PM): punk is, i feel, the music of the moment for me.
nifrantic (11:50:12 PM): the country song would go a little like this:
svmadelyn (11:50:36 PM): There's a tear, in my beer and this bastard cheating paper put it thereeeeee.
svmadelyn (11:50:39 PM): *doe eyes*
nifrantic (11:51:00 PM): oh, my brain is broke, and i'm all alone/ don't even have time to cry to my mom on the phone/ so i don't have a dog because campus rules say no/ sometimes i think that the tear in my sanity, it's sure gonna show.
svmadelyn (11:51:24 PM): *mulls* I think yours has more ring to it.

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