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I am the *queen* of Geocities page builder.

Spent the whole night working a very bare bones website for myself and am now playing with one for Lyra. But, given that a) I don't do coding b) I don't know html and c) I have no graphics skills, I think I did pretty goddamned well for myself. Granted, the page builder makes that *mad* easy, but so what!? I'm riding a high here...

Here. Go play: Under Heavy Construction and *Really* Basic, but *MINE*

Also - *Dude(s)*!! meret is a *goddess*! She made me an amazing book cover for A Pale Distance, and it's on my Smallville page, if you click the link for the story. I would put it here, but I'm a tool and I don't know how and I'm too tired to figure it out.

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