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This is me. Still alive.

I am home. Home from school, which is now as over as over gets. As I am no longer at school, but at home. Anyway it was a very full day. It went a little something like this:

1. Don't sleep.

2. Pack.

3. Renounce all material posessions.

4. Freak out.

5. Pack more. Throw a lot of things away.

6. Vaguely mourn the things I've thrown away, as I throw more away.

7. Realize I have exactly *insert number here* hours left before I leave and go into hyperdrive.

8. Rinse, repeat as neccesary.

So now? Now I sleep. And tommorow! I watch SMALLVILLE WHEN IT AIRS! *gasp* I know. I *know*.

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