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It's really all the rest.

So being home. What a Time this is. I love my family deeply -- I have always been a very family-oriented person, always will be. I think this orientation may be changing into a more homicidal orientation, though. This summer may turn into the Summer of Nifra's Own Personal Greek Tragedy Cycle. In which I kill my mother, and then am killed by my brother, and then he's killed by my father. Or something. Who knows.

But, you know, putting aside all that business. Lately I've been writing a lot, but on a lot of different things, which makes me weirdly antsy because I haven't finished any of them. Yet. And then svmadelyn mentioned that she was doing the WiP meme and so...

A Deeper Season

Clark: So, like, I'm not Superman yet, am I?

Lex: Why the hell do you like me?

Chloe: Does your boyfriend kill people? No, I mean, really?

Pete: You're gay and you didn't tell me. You ass.

Lois: I'm scary. Fear me, Clark. Fear me.

Photocopier: I AM SCARIEST.

Everyone: Oh, yeah. You sure as hell are.

Author: *facepalms*

Everyone: You realize that you haven't written anything on us in like, a year.

Author: Time is such a subjective thing, really...

Lex: No, it really isn't.

Author: Hey man, how much play have you gotten *already* in this fic?

Lex: Point taken.

Clark: *bounces* I got laid.

Pete: You're gay and you didn't tell me. You ass.

Author: You are all OUT OF CONTROL.

Lois: And you *love* it.

Amends Clark:

Clark: I feel guilty. A lot of the time.

Chloe: Victoria's sleeping with Lex again.

Clark: OH HELL NO, HO.

Lex: Why the hell should that bother you?

Clark: Do I get to sleep with you in this story?

Lex: Niiiice evasion, Kent.

Author: Shut up, all of you. Go drink lattes.

Victoria: I think I'll take a bath instead.

Lily and James Potter!Fic:

Lily: I'm young. And you're young. We're all young people here.

James: Marry me and have a million of my babies.

Lily: You're not getting the fact that I'm way too young for that kind of business yet, are you?

Author: This is not a self-insertion. No, really. *whistles*

Remus: Sirius, please. Not in public.

Sirius: Your zipper's stuck.

Author: How about them Yankees?

Lana Deals with Chloe's Death!Fic:

Lana: You realize that you haven't written a word of this down yet.

Chloe: I'm way dead.

Pete: Check out how married to Lana I am.

Lana: No, really, not a word has been written down. You get that, right?

Author: Go buy something pink, dude.

Lana: I can't! I'm sad and married to Pete and thinking about Chloe, and yet still utterly incorporeal as you haven't written this yet! And I am not really sure I'd say incorporeal, so even in this meme you're fucking me up. See? I don't curse either.

Author: I really hate you. A lot.

Chloe: I'm like...*very* dead.

Lana: And so are my parents.

Author: You know, I'm a very funny person, it has been said. I look at all my fics and am like "Whoa, am I secretely heavily depressed? Or do I just write about depressed people? Or does my secret heavy depression cause me to gravitate *toward* the heavily depressed characters, and wow the length of this thought is way out of proportion to my interest in it."

Chloe: See, no one else here seems to be impressed by how very dead I am.

Clark: I don't get to have sex in this story either, do I?

Author: I got nothing.

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