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You Should Be Watching...

So here's the thing. I'm sitting here watching Murder by Numbers and crying on the inside because there is no fic for it. This movie, just demands fic. It says "Look at my shiny red leather jacket and the way I just touch my body up against my sulky lipped boyfriend all the time. Look at me! Look at everything about me! Don't you want to write fic about me?"

And I say, "Oh, God yes."

But I don't know where everybody else is on this one...I mean...it's just...anybody out there who likes the sociopathic crazy twisted love as much as I do? This Movie Needs You. Or, at least, Nifra needs you to write about this movie.

Gah! Red leather jacket! Sex boy! Look at a picture of my New Killer OTP:

Yeah, I know. I *know*. *I* know.
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