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So, as always, being home for any period of time has magically transformed me from the fun-loving college student I (in reality) am to the beleaguered and worried mother of five, two of which are strangely close to being 50 years old. Oh yeah, I'm loving this gig.

Anyway, putting aside my complete and utter discontent with my perpetual status as The Responsible Member of the family despite the 30 year head start my parents really *should* have on me in that category, I've been thinking a lot about Chloe, my darling Chloe, and here's what I've come up with.

She's not Lois Lane. She'll probably be alive next season -- and if so, she will be as *Chloe* and not as LL -- and as a function of her being alive I'm sure there will be some kind of ridiculous explanation about the bomb that (by all rights) should have killed her. I don't see SV getting rid of the character, because she is so incredibly popular, and I'm even less sanguine about the idea that AlMiles would get rid of AM because, really, she's one of the show's biggest assets and has been since episode one.

Also, if Chloe was gone, I have no idea how the *hell* they'd manage to do any exposition without her. I mean, really. Chloe=Exposition Goddess. Without Chloe they'll have everyone stumbling around like "So there's this big green monstery thing that's trying to suck the life out of Lana and...no one knows why. Or how. Or what the hell is going on at all. Clark, should you maybe do something?"

If Chloe were to be dead, perhaps we'd start to see Clark caring more about the Torch and showing more of an interest in all things Investigative, and that would be a good thing to do with the character -- but then again, I'm largely stumped as to what the FUCK Clark's going to be like when next we see him (my guess? He'll have forgotten his earth!life and will come back a wee Jor-El and Jon and Martha will have to do something to bring him back from KryptoAmnesia that will involve a lot of tears and a lot of, "Oh, Clark, we *love* you" that will be met with things like "My name is Kal-El, and love is an emotion for lesser beings").

However, again, this is me doubting that Chloe is dead. That doubt, though, doesn't have me believing in a Chloe-as-Lois-Lane theory. I'll admit from the getgo that I am a *huge* Lois fan from way back, and that the idea of her not being the bad-ass career woman that she is in the comics upsets me. For multiple reasons, not the least of which would be that to detract that aspect of Lois' character would be to change the entirety of the vibe between Lois and Clark. Now, there are a million of you out there thinking, "But they've already changed the Lex/Clark vibe *so much*"...and to you, I say "Because Smallville is a love letter to Lex Luthor."

But my philosophical problems with Chloe-as-Lois are pretty huge, and some of them, I think, would be basis for DC to be all "Step off our lady, ho" to AlMiles. For example, Chloe-as-Lois? Makes it pretty much impossible for Lois to *not* know that Clark is Superman, and also makes it hard for me to buy into the 'Lois digs Superman but ignores Clark Kent romantically' thing, because Chloe's always had the hots for our little Kentboy. Those are two *cornerstones* of the Lois and Clark relationship. I mean, you could pretty much summarize it using those two points.

Again, again, I know: SV is it's own entity, it's already changed so much why wouldn't it change this? Well:

Lois Lane already exists. She's already her own person. She's not a name Chloe's pulling out of a hat -- she's Chloe's *cousin*.

From a practical stand point, this makes it *even harder* for me to buy Chloe-as-Lois, because all right, so she's in the witness protection program. She's picking a new identity. And this identity is..someone she already knows happens to exist? And then using that identity she decides to become a really high profile reporter? Don't you think that a redundant Lois Lane would get noticed, and pretty quickly?

The FBI pretty much isn't in the habit of handing out pre-existing names and lives to people trying to hide from bad guys. Because that would be silly. Just plain silly.

Now, I don't think Chloe's dead...yet. I think she'll die by the end of the series, and maybe investigating her death is what will lead Lois Lane to become more interested in journalism (as Chloe claims she isn't now) and maybe the fact that Lex is somehow involved with her death (which I swear to you he will be) will be what engenders Lois' need to crusade against him publicly for the rest of her life.

How the hell do I think they're going to justify the Chloe not being dead thing? I haven't the slightest idea. By all rights, girlfriend should be deader than a doornail. And hey, maybe they'll surprise me and she will be, but I don't think so. And I have mixed feelings about that because on the one hand CHLOE!!!! OH HOW I LOVE YOU!! and on the other "Don't insult my intelligence AlMiles. That was a huge fireball that just went through the door to the house, the door which Chloe was standing right in front of."

It could be that I'm not giving them enough credit - maybe something neat'll happen to justify everything. Maybe Jor-El will let Clark go back in time or something and fix everything. Maybe he'll even go back far enough to make Lex not know that he knows about the Chamber of Secrets and thereby restore a very uneasy balance to their relationship (which, by the way, I don't see has having been completely Rifted yet -- I think they're going to make up, and their next big fight will be their last one). Maybe he'll even have a gagtastic scene with The Lana at the airport.

Also -- Lana and Lex at the airport? V. Cute. Not Lexana-y, to me, but cute.

So yeah. That's all I have to say about that. For right now. I'm sure I'll have more and more and more speculation in the future. As for right now? That's all I got.
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