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28 May 2004 @ 10:11 pm
SV Fic: The Mercy of His Means 1/1  
Title: The Mercy of His Means
Spoilers: Covenant
Summary: A genesis of Superman.

Thanks: Without svmadelyn's encyclopedic knowledge of the Kryptonian story arc of the Superman mythos, this fic would not exist. She sat there and taught me lessons, lessons about Krypton. She is my comic history teacher. The winds beneath my historical wings and other such business. And, as always, lyra_sena made it readable.

Also - this is funny - I started writing this for thamiris, due to her plea for porn. I was *going* to write a PWP. It was *going* to be fluffy and romantic...it grew plot with fangs. It grew attitude. It attacked me, and Clark. So. thamiris, I just want you to know that this was intended for you -- though it's not quite what I had planned. *laughs weakly*

The Mercy of His MeansCollapse )
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Adoable Frunk: seriousraylyra_sena on May 31st, 2004 07:30 pm (UTC)
haha another comment to answer! *grins*

Umm, but on a serious note, this fic is amazing. It's ineffable amazing. *G*

I love how you show us through each scenario Jor-El breaking Clark a little more and more. Clark's acquiescence at the end is so heartbreaking, because it tears apart the very essence of Superman, with that one temptation that Clark could never resist.
pure FORESHADOWING: ew bitch - crazyperfumenifra_idril on May 31st, 2004 07:51 pm (UTC)
Your mom is ineffable.

But, yeah, I think that Superman is still Superman -- I mean, it's just a very different way of getting him from point A to point B, and one that makes Lex's whole speech about...Seget? Whoeverthefuck?...even more pertinent, because the reason he does what he does is becasue a megalomaniacal AI persuades him to, so that he'll always have Lex. It makes Jenn's Handful of Dust or even Te's Damascenes possible, and I kind of dig on that subversiveness. I...am a subversive lady.

Even if I am nobody's revolution. *grins*