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04 June 2004 @ 01:22 am
Mercury Rising, No, It Really Is  
I have spent the day being unutterably ill, and pampered by my amazing baby brother. You know, I don't think I've spent any time nattering on here the way I should about how much I love my siblings, but I really, just...god, you know how you have to love your family? How it's like, one of those requirements or something? Well, it's not only that I love my brother and sisters, it's that I feel *honored* to know them, let alone, you know, share similar DNA.

Anyway, so I've been really sick all day. I even have a fever. It's good times. It makes me utterly delirious, and Lyra can probably tell you how funny it is. Actually, as an example, look at what she made me do:

Sam blinked, and the scene in front of him didn't change, so he blinked again. "Josh?" he said, tentatively. "Are you busy now?"

"Nope, just fine, doing well, why, need something?" Josh asked, the words blending together into one frustrated expulsion of breath as tried to shove an arm into his desk.

"Yeah, I was just working on the Hilton Head draft and you know, this probably is a really dumb question, but that's an arm, isn't it?"

Josh looked up for a minute, half smiling. "Oh, yeah, it's an arm all right. Attached to a shoulder, and a neck, and the head of Congresswoman Burrel. I am the king of Capitol Hill, I tell you, the *king*!"

Sam tried blinking again, and it still didn't work. "Congresswoman Burrel is in your desk."

"Not yet," Josh grunted. "But she will be."

"Congresswoman Burrel, who just threatened to filibuster HR 889?" Sam asked, and Josh jost nodded. "And your putting her in your desk. Can I ask why?"

"Well, where else am I going to put her?" Josh asked, reasonably. "DONNA! I think I need the handsaw again!"

"Handsaw? Okay, so I'm going to go ahead and assume that she's not living, then," Sam murmured. "And she's not living as a result of something you did, and wow, I thought that the whole Laurie thing was bad. But this -- you -- let me ask you, did you, I mean, of course you didn't, but did you maybe keep this a secret?"

"Secret?" Josh asked, straightening. "Why would I want to do that? I'm sending a *message*, Sam, a *message* that you do not *screw* with the Bartlett administration, no sir. You just do go where we point, and roll with the punches, or Josh KING OF CAPITAL HILL Lyman will come FOR YOUR HEAD!"

"And this is literal," Sam stated.

"You bet your sweet ass it is," Josh crowed happily, before frowning down at the red nail polish on the hand still sticking out of his desk. "She's just not going to fit in there completely. Maybe I could put part of her in the filing cabinet."

So, moving on from that overflow of insanity, this is all tangentially related to my point, in as much as I can even claim to have a point at the moment, but here it is: I want Josh/Sam. If you love/pity me, you will give me links to your favorite stories, because oh, the political snark! Oh the pretty boys! Oh, my burning brain cells!

Also, Adult Swim is so my boyfriend. I'm sure that somehow works. But, anyway, AQUA TEEN HUNGER FORCE! RAWK!

PS: I think my Dad's a secret fangirl. In his own way.
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celli on June 3rd, 2004 11:48 pm (UTC)
*eyes you* I fear your fever. A loooot.

But out_there writes some of my favorite Josh/Sam. Her website is here. Check out The Right Word for sure. :)

Come to think of it, I recced you to somebody today. Oh, yeah, for Chloe/Lana.