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My thoughts, in list format.

1. dameange rocks my socks like Jimi Hendrix at Monterey Pops, if I had been there, which I wasn't, but anyway, look, look, look! She made me a cover for Set You Free, which was just...*drools*> *loves and loves and loves*

2. I'm so behind on my email that it's utterly ridiculous. I will get back to you, know that, but it might take me...*checks watch* years. Or a few days. Or something. Also, my email is being weird -- so if there's anything urgent or anything, you should just ping me.

3. pearl_o is my pusher, and the drug of choice is due South. My love! For Fraser! And Ray! And Ray! And Fraser! And Frannie! And Turnbull! *does cartwheels*

4. So here's a stray thought (one which, I add, is just a really vague spec of speculation) but what with all the thoughts of Chloe as Lois -- I wonder why no one has touched the possibility she may end up being a Mercy or hell even a Hope in the future. Certainly if the way the story plays out is that Lex has saved her life and nursed her back to health after the explosion in her house (and again I say, that I personally really feel that she *should* be dead, though I certainly would miss the character) she'd have reason to be fanatically devoted to Lex. And it would fit with what I know of Mercy from comics canon. Sure, Chloe's a wee bit more cerebral than we've often thought of Mercy -- but then again, it's not like Smallville hasn't pulled a one eighty on the characterizations of some of the other characters, now is it? As I said -- it's a stray thought (and not something I give too much credence as a real possibility) but I'm just sayin'. It could (maybe) happen.

5. My website has been updated by the lovely lyra_sena, with links to The Score now, too. So there you can find the whole Nifra Library, as it were. Enjoy!
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