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You! You sitting there reading this post thinking, "Gosh, it's too late for me to sign up for lyra_sena and rageprufrock's sv_undercover which is too bad because I really want to do it and was just too busy being devoured by hungry sea urchins and ill tempered fruit bats to sign up!"

Do NOT despair! It is NOT to late! The deadline has been extended!!! Yes! For you! And for me! And all of us! They are kind, those lovely ladies, and they want us all to get to play! So come! And play! Let me use another exclamation point or two in this paragraph!!!

And now, for you, sad and confused reader who knows not whereof I speak? Let me give you a little explanation which I have copied directly from the journal of my darling girls:

Look! It's a challenge! It's a contest! It's a great big ole load of fun!

Smallville Undercover is based off of ds_undercover and secret_ids. We're calling all writers in the Smallville fandom to participate and get a little action going during the steamy months of summer.

A challenge prompt will be given and writers will have two weeks to complete a story of 1,000 - 1,500 words. (Depending on the number of you who respond, fics will be broken into rounds of 20 writers each). Stories will then be posted anonymously and everyone will scramble to guess who wrote them!

Fics can be gen, het, slash, or interspecies (ie: Bo Kent and Heifer #4--theirloveissofarmy), so everyone is encouraged to sign up!

If you are interested in writing, please leave a note in the comments at sv_undercover. You may sign up until midnight EST, July 4th.

Oh, btw. Your hosts are the ever delightful and mischievous lyra_sena and rageprufrock. Please come and play with us! We're deliriously bored this summer and tired of climbing five damn flights of steps every day because of a broken elevator! So do your part and join us in the sandbox!

But really, this is the kind of contest that really is the best kind -- it makes you think about your writing and the writing of the people around you on a much more involved level. C'mon! It''ll be *teen girl squad voice* SOOOO GOOOD!

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