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I *am* your neighbor. Lend me some sugar.

Rayk and Fraser are trying to eat my brain, but meanwhile, on the other side of my poor, small, gnawed on gray matter, the Smallville crew is steadily chewing away, also. It's like...living in the land of bunnies, without the ability to catch any of them. Oh, my kingdom for a net.

Or, you know, the ability to actually *sit down* and *finish* one of these damned ideas. Patience. Perserverence. Tendency to be less of a flitting butterfly? *shrugs* Any of those would be helpful right about now. *laughs*

Okay, but all of that aside. I'm going to have me a little meme time. First, jacked from the lovely musesfool

If I were the sorting hat, I'd put Nifra in...

Also, jacked from my darlin' ms. scrunchy:

I'd be interested if you'd take a gander at my icons, and tell me which--

1. is your most favorite and why?
2. is your least favorite and why?
3. have you always wanted context for?
4. have you never noticed I even HAD before?

And, you know, just for my info: how many of you want to dance like a monkey with me, huh?

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