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You ever have a night where everything feels like an omen? Where, for whatever reason, it seems like nothing is simply what it is -- but it's imbued with a great deal of (for lack of a better term) spiritual meaning? Yeah, so that's what tonight was. My cat was anxious and needy, and there were oppressive storms, and freakish lightening without any thunder.

Lightening without thunder always seems kind of out of place -- as though it's missing something. As though it was naked. Or, perhaps, like it's suddenly gone a'hunting. (Way to personify the weather there, self. *grins*) But it does.

I don't know -- I guess it's just an Edgar Allan Poe kind of night. *looks around for the Raven, and begins murmuring about Lenore*

Anyway -- all of that aside -- Rayk. Fraser. *melts with gooey due South love* For God's sake, my love for them is just ballooning way out of proportion to anything reasonable. And yet, I've got this thing, where I feel really uncomfortable about the idea of writing them.

This may be 'new fandom jitters', this may be my on-again-off-again inability to make myself write anything for the past few days, and it might just be the fact that I am SO BUSY ALL THE TIME. *flails hands for emphasis* This does not, in any way, impinge upon my love for them, though. This busyness/allergy to writing them. Oh, no. In fact, it just lends my love a semi-tragic quality, which I -- sucker that I am -- find even more appealing.

I think my favorite dS ep that I've seen so far, though, (beside the pre-requisite love I have for Mountie on the Bounty -- Ray! Fraser! Angst! Buddy Breathing! Thirty two down on the Robert Mackenzie! -- and CotW - Big Gay Fairytale!) is Dead Guy Running. It really makes the most of Frannie, Ray and Fraser's comic timing. It's screwball comedy, and I'm a screwball. Also...that kid? Is *priceless*. Utterly priceless.

Also -- and this really doesn't get said enough by me -- I *heart* Lex Luthor. Today I was reading somebody's live journal, and I can't remember who it was or even what triggered my little overflow of love, but I was just thinking, "You know. I do so love that guy. Poor broken, hungry Lex."

So. You know. To sum up: 1) Weird vibe in casa de Nif, 2) Ray Kowalski + Benton Fraser = <3 4EVAH!!! and 3) Nif *hearts* Lex.

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