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Sundry. And various!

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*waggles eyebrows at Z* Hey, baby. How *you* doin'? *is a harlot*

Though I think serialkarma and lyra_sena may have something to say about that.

Dear musesfool,

You are evil. Your plot bunnies are rabid. I have been attacked, and am now hip deep in this story, which is utterly insane. I will exact revenge. Someday. Somehow.

Or, possibly build a shrine in your honor for jump starting me out of a bad spot o' block. It all depends on how the story turns out.



But on the same topic -- my ease with writing the utterly bastardly characters has begun to make me a little uncomfortable. I mean, man. I must be a truly evil individual underneath all of that breezy charm.


I love making playlists to write with. Playlists just make me so happy. Do you guys do that to? When I get really into stories I feel like I have to have specific music to go with them. What are stories you've needed music to help you write -- and what music? Tell me all your secrets, my pretties.
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