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Oh God, so many things.

Dear My Mother,

When I am being friendly? I am not necessarily flirting. When I am flirting? I am not necessarily *flirting* flirting as I am, in fact, an inveterate flirt. However, no matter what *kind* of flirting I'm doing, it's not okay to just announce at random -- SEVERAL TIMES -- Hey, I'm YOUR MOM, YOU KNOW! And it's *really* not okay to make a big deal of "Oh, well, I'll just leave you two alone" *wink wink* Esp. when we are IN THE MIDDLE OF STARBUCKS WHILE HE MAKES ME COFFEE OMIGOD THE EMBARRASSMENT MADE ME WANT TO DIE, K THANKS BYE!

*facepalms* and *cringes*,



Dear My Cat,

What's up with you jumping into the sink and trying to break all the dishes, huh? Not cool, cat-dude. Not cool at *all*. Also -- the random 'Let's Wake Nifra UP!' feelings that you have? Yeah, ignore those feelings. I will not be affectionate, if struggling out of the arms of sleep. Also, why is it that I talk about sleep like it was a lover? Sad times, man, sad times.

No love,



So you know you've been warped by *yourself* when:

I'm in the movie theater, sitting there, getting ready to watch The Village (about which I have mixed feelings -- on the one hand it's a movie over which Rene Girard would have creamed his pants, on the other, it had moments that made me think 'High school drama?') and there's a trailer for the new Batman movie that's coming out next summer. There's this big huge voice over about vengeance and darkness, and whatever, and there's a shot of the lead actor, looking scruffy and dirty -- and so I said *out loud* "So now you're too tortured to *bathe*? Way to be a crazy dirty psycho, there, Batfreak."

My mother turned to me, and said "WHAT?"

I coughed, and muttered something vague about the comic books, when IN REALITY it was just my Nifra Sue-ish tendencies coming to life. Excuse me while I go...lie down and try to think about this for a while.

Congrats to lastscorpion for winning sv_undercover!

My story was -- well, I thought the title was pretty obviously something only Lyra or I would come up with because, to quote rageprufrock "it comes from one of those lesbian poetry books only you two read". *giggles madly* Oh how I love that girl.

Anyway, so yes, my story was Stirred Only By the Wind, a Jon/Martha story.

I know. I was as shocked by that pairing as you were. Ask svmadelyn how hard it was for me. Because -- really, really hard. *shakes heads and whimpers*
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