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A plea to the universe at large.

Dear Universe At Large (hearafter to be referred to as UAL),

Could you please try to suck a little less tommorow? Just a *miniscule* fraction less would be appreciated.

If tomorrow could not involve dead animals, crying brothers, and financial aid snaffus, I'd greatly appreciate it. If not all, then one of the above, at least, should be omitted from what I have to deal with.

And, UAL, if you should be feeling benevolent, I'd also appreciate it if you could get the alleged 'adults' in my life to begin to act as such. Not even all of them -- really, just a couple. You could pick. I mean it.

I realize this may be difficult, as it has yet to happen in my life time, and I don't want to make irrational requests. So in lieu of that, if you could just give me this:

that would also be fine.

Hopefully yours,


*hangs head and trudges off to bed*
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