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Ahh, je suis une...sheep.

I have fallen in love. Madly, irrevocably, (not sanely) in love with Horatio Hornblower, in all his incarnations. And how much do I adore Archie Kennedy? I feel like a lot.

I also feel like I love it a lot that when Horatio does end up getting married -- he marries *Saffron* from AbFab. How great is that? Also, how great is it that he spends that whole period of time wandering around, looking deeply confused and not a little concerned as to how he got himself into the mess of marrying a *woman*. *gasp*

But, yes, I've been devouring all the crack_van recs, and seeking out as many stories as I could find to feed my happy little fandom whore self. And Lord, I do so *love* a man who's pretty and stoic. If you all have anything to add to my love fest of those two lovelies -- then please! Do so!

Also, PS, Major Coutard is also way hot even if I can't spell his name and giggle at his poor accent from time to time.

...and Horatio runs really funnily.

I have fallen in *not* love with Hellblazer, though, which is disappointing as I love me some John Constantine. For whatever reason, the copies of Hellblazer that I picked up the other day are just really not doing it for me at *all*.

It may be because I made the mistake of reading those right after reading Lucifer: Inferno and The Sandman Presents: The Furies. Inferno was good, but more in a "Ohmygod they're setting up something so COOL and I can just FEEL IT" kind of way than anything else. And it was nice to see them do something with Christopher Rudd, because previously it was just sort of confusing as to why he'd gotten so much attention.

Also -- Michael eats BABY CORN!? How much do I love Michael and his baby corn? Oh, yes, my darling dears, the answer to that question is A REALLY BIG LOT.

*coughs* Also, musesfool when you get back, I shall be awaiting the Lucifer fic glee in my heart, and a gleam in my eye. Oh, Mazikeen! Oh, Lucifer! Oh, Michael! Oh, Solomon (who I weirdly liked a lot despite his totally intense zeal)! Oh, Elaine Belloc! Oh, how I love all of you!

The Sandman Presents: The Furies was just great. I loved Hermes, and Cronos, and the whole bit. The art work *blew my mind*, and I enjoyed seeing them do something with the new Dream. The story was maybe not the focus for me reading it, so I can forgive some kind of weird things I think they did with the narrative, but it's all good because oh, those, glossy, glossy pictures. They sure do wow me.


Also -- lyra_sena and I had a very interesting discussion tonight of Fraser, who definitely fits that oh so pretty, oh so stoic thing that I just adore and adore. We were debating the issue of whether or not he's routed more in his mind, or his body, and I think we both ended up agreeing that to us, Fraser's just a real *creature* -- a very earthy guy, centered in his body. But that raises the question -- if he lives so much in his body, as I feel he does, why, then, does he not seek to allay his sexual urges more often?

I feel like it's because he's such a private person, and that issues of trust also play into that. Additionally, he's so obsessively *competent* that there may be issues relating to pride, in that he isn't terribly experienced, and he can't trust himself to neccesarily *excel* in sexual encounters.

But I think I've seen a real interesting divide between cerebral-Frasers and body-Frasers, and I'm just going to throw this one out there to those of you who know Fraser way better than I do. What do you think of his solitary sexuality?


And, now, finally, in regards to the subject line... the only words for animals I can remember in French are 'cheval' and 'vache' and 'poulet' but that's not exactly what I was looking for there in the subject line and 'cheval' may not actually be a word, I may just have made it up. My elementary school French cannot seem to remember.

At *any* rate, it's awfully serendipitious that this meme should come along now, because I love this kind of thing. So into the breach of meme-age I shall toss myself happily:

Part of being on Livejournal.com is inevitably gaining a number of LJ buddies. Unfortunately, as time wears on, it's easy to forget where all of them came from. Post this in your journal and have your friends respond with how they recall first 'meeting' you.

So - whether we first met in cyberspace or some other space, remind me when, where, and how!
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