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The Daily Show and My President

I never voted for Clinton, because I was too young. In fact, this election will the first one I will be able to vote in, and I freely admit to being very, very pumped about it. Politics are something that I get excited about, and always have been.

John Kerry is a man I'll vote for, and I think I'd probably vote for him even if I didn't have such a deep seated sense of party loyalty (inherited, weirdly enough, from my Republican father, but hey) or a huge dislike and fear of our sitting president. He seems to be an honorable, decent man who wants to make a difference. I want to know more about how he plans to go about affecting the changes he mentions in his speeches, but I have faith in him. (As my mother says, if Theresa Heinz Kerry can love him, there must be something truly spectacular about him.)

But the fact remains that my president is Bill Clinton. If I could somehow vote for him every election, then I would. He might not be the world's best husband, but who the hell's business is that? He was a fantastic president. He created jobs, and he did good work in this country.

Watching him tonight on the Daily Show made my little heart pitter patter with absolute love. This man, I realized, watching him, is what shaped my political views.

I'm not an apologist, and I certainly know that he wasn't perfect while in the White House, but he was damned fine, and he taught me what I want to ask of a sitting president.

Bill Clinton? I think you're fabulous.
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