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her majesty's a pretty nice girl but she changes from day to day.

stai attenti! orsi!

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22 April
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absolutely fabulous, activism, al swearengen, all things arthurian, alma garrett, angel, angel: the series, animals, architecture, avoiding bear attacks, bad guys, being scandalous, benton fraser, bioluminescence, buffy the vampire slayer, buffy/faith, callum keith rennie, cheese, chloe sullivan, chloe/lana, cj cregg, cj/toby, clark kent, clark/lex, classic rock, cloning paul gross, clubs, conflicted!heroes, cordelia chase, criminology, dancing, dante, dark angel, david mack, deadwood, doc cochran, due south, eels in knots, excess, fanfiction, folk lore, frodo baggins, fun, giganto citrus, good music, handcuffs, harry potter, hermione granger, history, hobbits, horatio hornblower, horatio/archie, ioan gruffudd, johnny depp, joni stubbs, josh/sam, joshua lyman, kabuki, knitting, lakes in oceans, lana lang, languages, laser eyed fish, leather, lex luthor, lilah morgan, lindsey macdonald, literary criticism, lord of the rings, maintaining my boar's leg, marsupials, master and commander, medieval history, men, merry brandybuck, music, mutants, mythology, mythomania, neil gaiman, neuroses, new york, new zealand, oz, photoshopping with my mind, pippin took, pru-baiting, rain, ray kowalski, rayk/fraser, reading, remus/sirius, renessaince, rift what rift?, rogue, ron weasely, running, sailing, sam seaborn, samwise gamgee, sandman, sassy!heroines, scott summers, sex, showers, slash, sleep, smallville, smoke, sol starr, speeding, spike, spitting firecrackers, sports night, symbolic defriending, tattoos, television, the dark zone, the illiad, the sandman, the west wing, theology, theorizing zombies, there were these twins, tom riddle, twitching, vin diesel/patrick swayze, wesley wyndham-price, wolverine, women, words, writing, x5s, xander, your mom

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